My "Divine" Journey By:Michael Steven Tolentino

My spacial experience was quite unique. From the moment I entered the theater, I felt immersed in the setting. I appreciated how close my seat was and I felt like I interacted with the performers, as if i was on stage. I was able to see perfectly. I enjoyed how the play started even before the production began. The setting began to show snow falling in the backround, and as the lights dimmed, the play began in a rush. The magnificence of the auditorium really helped me stay focused on the play and it made my experience more enjoyable.In the good life, place or setting is essential to determining the good life. A setting can halt the good life or even foster it.

Constans Theater

The social experience was pretty great. At first, I went to the theater alone, but when I arrived, I found more friends than I imagined. During the performance, I sat down next to my friend Andrew. Sitting next to friends and not strangers, I felt more at ease and it made the experience better. To get ready for the performance, I got dressed appropriately and when I arrived, I took pictures and turned off my phone. Attending with friends does make the theater experience more enjoyable.I was able to focus more on the play, because my friends kept me focused and alert.Shared experiences help a person achieve a good life. It is like a tool that one can utilize to achieve the life they always wanted. When you share experiences with others, you are able to have a more memorable experience.

Me at the Constans Theater

The play has helped me get a different perspective, a view point from the past.It helped me understand our culture.The central issue of the play was the ban of Sarah Bernhardt's performance by the church. The priests did not want the play to go on.Before watching the play, I didn't know anything about this time period.I had no idea about the different things that weren't allowed and the amount of censorship during the time.The performance didn't really change my views because it wasn't an argument, just a work of art.The subject doesn't really reflect in my own life, but one day it probably will.

The theaters allows for emotion and feelings to come out in the open comfortable.The Divine play allows for katharthis amongst the audience, because theater in general allows for an cluttered mind to be freed, just from a single performance. The play allows for a person to contemplate on the things that make each person happy and release all the things that make them wonder, what truly defines a good life and what experiences contribute to having a good life. The other thing that helps with katharthis is the talk back. The talk back allowed an insight on how the actors got into character. They said it was harder to get into character because of the older times, but they got the hang of it using the background information of the the time.

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