Sustainable Portable The portable of the future

Cool Materials

Sage Glass

SageGlass, SageGlass reduces energy consumption up to 20% it also changes tints. Sage Glass has 4 different tints, clear, light, mid, and full. Sage glass is good to have in the portable because it can add light or get rid of light from outside.

plastic composite lumber

Plastic composite lumber is resistant to mold and rot and is better in heat and cold,, the downside is it is expensive. It is literally recycled plastic. it is durable and less toxic than real lumber. also it is more resiant to stain and scath.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels, solar panels are a clean source of energy and is better than fossil fuels. Solar energy is worth the cost which is quite a lot. Solar energy is also silent if you are worried about the kids being annoyed or distracted by the solar panels. When you have too much solar energy stored in the panels it goes to the government that gives you money for it! the bad thing is that it can $9000 max.

Straw Bales

Straw bales, We are going to use Straw bales for insulation which is eco-friendly and does not cost as much as real insulation. Even if you were allergic to straw walls would stop the from giving you allegies. It is very cheap and at is 15$ U.S max. (per bale). Straw bales can last for hundreds of years, and even if it does fall it biodegrates.

Green roof

Green roof, the green roof can reduce storm runoff, filter out toxins to prevent an asthma attack and We have the the green roof for some times the teachers can teach the kids about the green roof and have some food to eat at school for fun events. Green roofs can keep the portable warm plus cool. A green roof can last twice as long as a normal roof. it can filter out carbon dioxied to help lower our carbon foot print.

Our portable

This is our potables Green roof
Our portables inside

Why the projecters?

we got the projecters becase that way the teacher can put something the projecters and everyone can see. Plus it saves money ihnsted of have to pay more for one smart board.

Why the opening door?

The main reason we have the opening door is because the kids can connect to nature and learn outside. We also have the opening door so kids can get fresh air.

This is What the opening door opens to!

Why do we care?

We care because it is an opportunity for kids to have fun learning. This portable has much less of a carbon footprint so the kids who learn in it can go home and tell their parents about all the energy saving features so the parents can make a less carbon footprint.

Made by Blake, Jeremy, Nolan, Zach , and Owen

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