Student Life Off-Class Alexandra Cordero and Mariana Guevara

Students manage their free time in their own different way. Their behavior during class differs from their behavior off class and that is demonstrated through our photos.

Mariana and Alejandro are from different generarions. They take advantage of their free time to spend time together
Alberto is an example of many students who have a load of work and use their free time to rest.

Alberto is a hard working IB student. For two years he has managed to do a ton of work for school. All this work has taken his energy and accumulated stress. For that reason, this is how he keeps up with the good work.

Jose Miguel is a senior with a lot of energy who clearly spends time using that energy and transmitting it to others. This is a clear example of how each personality influences on what they do off class.
Here we have an example of a group of friends spending quality time together and this is what they do with every opportunity they have of free time.
Alejandro is sitting by himself during recess. He shared that sometimes is better to not rely on others all the time.

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