Pollution 4B By pawel zhuma daniel

Factories, Power plants, Heaters and Engines pollute the earth with carbon dioxide, H20 and other deadly gases.

There is many people and animals that die because of pollution. There is people that dont care about pollution but care more about pollution. There is a type of a gas that is called Carbon dioxode its one of the most dangerous gases.

There are more people that dont care about pollution. Electronics will be really useful. There are many type of pollution (1 water pollution 2 air pollution) this is really bad. goverment says that we need to stop this.

If trees get chopped animals habitats gets destroyed. We should stop this because trees and plants absorb toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and H2O.

India and China are the most polluted lands on earth.

WATER POLLUTION : Water pollution is mostly caused by people. Marine life dies and the water gets blurry and dirty. There is fish that eat micro plastic and we eat the fish.

This is how people pollute the water.


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