The Renaissance By:Emily Romero

Marco Polo And the Silk Road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance by moving products East to West on the Silk Road useing a caravan and a route that had started at China and ended at the medertaranian sea.But when the Han dynasty fell soldiers no longer protected travelers between Europe and Asia."As a result,use of Silk Road was declined"(holt.)And they Mongols had taken over china and had made the roads safer for travelers and traders.While on the journey they had made Marco Polo a part of the government official.

Italian Trade Cities (Florence)

The trading cities in Florence were important becouse in Northern Italy had became a big and great trading centers -Florence Genoa, Milan, and Venice.The location of these Italian trade cities allowed them to flourish as trading centers because these cities bustled with activity and had many merchandise.The city of Florence was able to help spark the Renaissance was residence were able to meet strangers from other far places and hear and learn new languages, so it was a great idea because they were able to trade things of such as goods and learn about their culture.

Medici Family

The Medici family was ousted in 1434. Through the Medici returned returned, Florence would never return to its former position of preeminence.To Carry out the construction of the great achitectural works of the times, rich merchants hired the most talented artists and paid them well to do their most inspired work.In constant efforts to maintain their position of power, merchants attempted to marry into nobility, and something more importantly, gain public favor and recognition.Merchants became great patron of the arts.

Rediscovering the past

Races:Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance by redescovoring many ancient writing.The reason of this is because many of the Europeans thought that there rediscoverings had been lost forever.And many people from the Byzantine Empire had came to Italy with many percious works of literature.Plus they had rediscovered the glories of Greek and Rome.And had discovered many Latin text in monasteries.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Used much detail as possible to make it more of a description

Used different angles and wrote in a different language and wrote backwards to not spread the ink all over

What this article talks about is how Leonardo de Vinci's art and inventions shows artistic interest."All the date of Leonardo's initial involvement with anatomical study is not known."And how his interest was sparked during his apprenticeship in Verrocchios.


This video shows and explain how Michael Angelo was appreciated for his work. It also shows some of the sculptures and artwork that he has done for the past years.also explains how the pope invited have to build his tomb and also painted the ceiling of the sistine chapel.

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

These pictures show what they used to type. And each one is an individual letter

The impact this had on literary was the printing press had a dramatic effects on European civilization.This effect and had spread to helped create a wider literate reading public.So it was easier to understand but was more work and was used for books and other miterials.

Renaissance writing (Wm. Shakespeare's)

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the ideas of humanism. Wiliam Shakespeare's writing refleted the ideas of humanism becouse humanities believe that everyone had potential and was worth something to each individual. The reason why Shakespeare's writing attracted such a wide addience was becouse his plays and acts were open to anyone and every one so it didn't matter if you were rich or poor there was always a spot for u to watch and have entertainment with out being treated differently than otheres and have a chance to have fun with out any judgement.So it had been a big impact on humanism and as time went on we still use some of his most popular plays, acts, and writing So for example ("Romeo and Juliet") ("As you Like it") ("Macbeth") and ("A Midsummer Nights Dream"). So everybody and anybody was able to enjoy his plays or acts without worrying about not having potential towards others.

"Thus with a kiss I die"(Wiliam Shakespeare)

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