Western Sahara John Canning

The map of Africa
Map of the Western Sahara country located in Africa.
The climate is hot, dry, rain is very rare, fog and heavy dew is common due to cold offshore air currents. And the waters off shore are rich in fish, seems to be a major food supply there.
The population of this 'country' is currently around 587,000. The average life expectancy for males is about 60 years, for females 65 years. Clothing is brightly colored, and contains patterns of all kinds.

The life expectancy is about 62.3 years (averaging males and females)

The main religion for the Western Sahara is Islam.

The Arabic Language
Learning Arabic is a difficult task.
The Western Sahara uses Moroccan currency, it sort of resembles Monopoly Money :)

The Moroccan dirham is the currency they use.

Western Sahara does not have a government of their own and is ruled over by the Moroccan government. Morocco has said that they will, "not recognize W. Sahara".
The king of Morocco, King Muhammad VI
The capital of Western Sahara, Laayoune.

The Exchange rate it $9.96 per $1.00 United States Dollar.

Currently, as of today Western Sahara has still not achieved independence as it is under Moroccan rule.

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Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - www.freestock.ca - "Western Sahara Grunge Flag"

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