Hall of Waters Trust Restoring and Transforming a Sacred Hall of Healing and Enlightenment and Returning the Healing Mineral Waters to Humanity

About the trust

The Hall of Waters Trust was created in 2015, in cooperation with the City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, to fund the preservation, restoration and transformation of the magnificent Hall of Waters, housing some of the rarest mineral spring waters on the planet. The Hall of Waters is a gem of a Mayan Revival Art Deco complex built in 1936 as a WPA health spa project at a cost of $1 million. The Hall was one of the most popular health spas of its day, attracting adults and children from all over the world who enjoyed the healing benefits of over ten different types of mineral waters from many different mineral springs, including some waters which are among the rarest on Earth.

The history of the building site almost certainly goes back to ancient times, when Native Americans reportedly called the area the Valley of Peace. Tribes, at war with each other, left their weapons behind, came to the Valley of Peace, and together enjoyed the very healing waters which lie beneath the Hall today. When the site was rediscovered by an African-American farmer in the late 1800's, it became known as the Valley of Vitality.

Over 40 different mineral waters became available at various locations around the small valley. The federal government built the Hall of Waters to consolidate and house these rare and healing mineral waters and make them readily available to the public in many different forms. Sadly, the Hall fell into disrepair beginning in the 1960's, and its rare mineral waters, which still lie just below the surface, awaiting rediscovery and release, are not being offered to the public. The Hall of Waters Trust was formed as a non-profit organization to restore the rare healing waters and make them once again available to the public at the Hall, and at the same time preserve, restore and most importantly transform the Hall for the 21st Century into a multi-cultural, contemporary place of health, healing, and education.

West Entrance

The Hall of Waters Yesterday and today

In contrast to its current use today as a City Hall, the Hall of Waters was built to consolidate and shelter ten different rare mineral waters and provide them to the public via a water bar (historically called the Hall of Springs), a hydro-health spa, a therapy pool, and a large indoor mineral water swimming pool. Fortunately, because of the City's occupancy and care of the building, important parts of the building have been well preserved. Unfortunately, however, other parts of the building not used by the City are in varying states of disrepair. In addition, due to deterioration of piping and related structures, the Hall currently is unable to offer any of the rare mineral waters that once made the city famous.

Our goal, at the Hall of Waters Trust, in cooperation with the City of Excelsior Springs, is to raise enough money to restore, transform and care for this building, and restore its healing mineral springs to the people, in perpetuity.

The Hall of Springs Water Bar

The Hall of Springs Water Bar Today

The most architecturally well-preserved area in the Hall of Waters is the Hall of Springs Water Bar. Believed to be the longest water bar in the world, it once offered, on tap, ten different rare mineral waters. Today, the Water Bar is operated as a visitor's center, but no longer offers any mineral water to the public. At Hall of Waters Trust, our primary goal is return the availability of several different types of mineral water to the Water Bar at no cost to the public. This will be a very expensive and complex undertaking, as it is likely that new wells will have to be engineered and drilled to meet current environmental and health standards. In addition, virtually all of the piping in the building will have to replaced. We are working with the engineering firm of Black & Veatch to come up with a plan to make this happen.

The chandeliers are inspired by Nikola Tesla
Hall of Springs today -- no mineral water is being served

The swimming pool

Hall of Waters Mineral Water Swimming Pool -- Yesterday
Hall of Waters Mineral Water Swimming Pool -- Today
The pool room in disrepair today

The Hall of Waters swimming pool was a hub of activity when it was opened. Olympic sized, it was filled with healing mineral water and provided enjoyment for young and old alike. Sadly, it is no longer operational and is in a severe state of disrepair. However, the space can be restored and transformed into a multi-use space, including a retractable floor as it once had.

The swimming pool can be transformed into a modern, beautiful aquatic space.
The pool can be restored

The Hydro-spa

The Spa/Tub Room of Yesterday
Spa/Tub Room Today
The Therapy Pool today

There were two large multi-room areas utilized as traditional hydro-spa space in the Hall of Waters -- one for men and one for women, on separate floors. In addition, a co-ed therapy pool was available, often used by children and adults with polio. The spa facilities can and should be transformed for contemporary use, while still preserving the Art Deco historical character.

Spa facilities reimagined.

Other spaces

The Well Room

The Hall of Waters has numerous spaces, all of which can be transformed into exercise rooms, museum space, Native American and African American cultural spaces, art galleries, water technology exhibits, sound and vibrational healing spaces, and geological educational exhibits, all focusing on the healing and health aspects of mineral water.

Why is the Hall of waters important?

There is a network which is critical to the survival of planet Earth and all of us. It is not a network of cell phone towers, cable lines, oil and natural gas pipelines, or highways. It is not a network on the surface of the Earth and it is not a network transmitted through space above the Earth. It is not manmade at all. This network is subterranean and functions as the arteries and veins of Earth, as it has for millions of years, connecting all of us with the heart of our planet. The network is physical, palpable, energetic, magnetic and vibrational. The network contains nature’s most important resource, spring water. Where these waters exist and combine energetically and under pressure with Earth’s natural minerals, the rarest water of all was created thousands and millions of years ago. This natural mineral water, from geologic source, is the most precious gift of the Universe to us. At Hall of Waters Trust, we seek to honor that gift and return it to all humanity.

Would you like to be part of this effort?

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