Prep Your Home

General Tips

  • Clean the entire house (vacuum, mop, countertops, and windows)
  • Turn all overhead lights ON
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Make sure that all the lightbulbs are of the same temperature (ALL incandescent or ALL compact fluorescent)
  • Make sure all ceiling fans are off
  • Turn all TVs and computer monitors off
  • Open all blinds or window treatments
  • Remover personal photos and replace with general photos such as landscape pictures
  • Make all beds
  • Remove small rugs to reveal actual flooring
  • Place shoes and coats in closets.

Exterior of the home

  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Close all garage doors
  • Clean up the landscaping
  • No visible water hoses
  • Remove any empty planters
  • Remove toys, soccer goals, basketball goals, etc.
  • No visible trash or recycling bins
  • Clear away any cobwebs from eaves and overhangs
  • Clean pool and hide all cleaning supplies


  • Clear off the countertops completely
  • Clear off the refrigerator of all magnets, papers, photos, etc.
  • Hide garbage cans
  • Remove all dishes from sink

Dining Room

  • Clear table, dust and polish
  • Set decorative place settings if availble
  • One center piece (flowers or table art)
  • Straighten all chairs
  • Remove child seats or booster chairs

Living Room

  • De-clutter area
  • fluff arrange furniture pillows
  • Clean fireplace
  • Remove books and magazines


  • Make beds
  • Press linensand bed skirts
  • Clear nightstands of any personal items
  • Remove charging stations for phones/tablets
  • Clear off tops of dressers
  • Remove personal photos
  • Clean under beds, and remove any items that may show in photos


  • Clear countertops off. NO personal hygiene items
  • Toilet seats should be down
  • Remove shampoos, soaps, sponges, etc.
  • Remove dirty towels, only new or freshly cleaned towels should be visible
  • Remove floor mats


  • No visible pet food or water bowls
  • No visible pet toys
  • Contain pets in hidden crate or outside
  • Clean backyard of pet toys and waste.

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