Good Life Nature Activity By Kunal Navani

I visited the Butterfly Forest at Florida Museum of Natural History and let me say, I was not disappointed. The realism of the forest really captured my attention. Butterflies have to stay in certain temperatures throughout the year and have to stay at a certain height in order to survive. The employees at the Museum of Natural History really did a good job in replicating these conditions for the butterflies. I honestly did not know that different butterflies prefer different elevations and plants so the fact that they were able to replicate this and create a foundation for success for every butterfly really caught my attention. I found the design of the butterfly Forest appealing because it walked you through the different stages of the rain forest.
I believe that the Florida Museum of Natural History did an excellent job replicating what Leopold believed in. When we entered the Butterfly forest, we weren't allowed to touch the plants, trees, or butterflies. They kept the temperature consistent so the butterflies feel like they are in the wild. They even added bird noises and other insects to really give it the "outdoor" kind of feel. I am 100% sure that everyone there, including myself, really felt like we were walking through nature and not an ordinary exhibit. My time in the Butterfly Forest made me appreciate nature on a new scale and make me want to fight against captivity likes cages and support more open things like safaris.
The Butterfly forest made me step out of my life and into the life of a butterfly. I was able to walk around and see how butterflies live their lives through every month. For instance, did you know, that butterflies go through changes every month, but go through the same change on the same months? Its extremely interesting to think about the lives of butterflies and why they do the things they do. Do butterflies know what they are doing as caterpillars when they go into a cocoon? These are questions and butterflies are truly a mystery.


Photos by Myself Opening slide by National Geographic

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