Dirt goes Digital By: Liam Dougherty

My original idea was to make a pyramid and then cut off the top and add a spout and handle to make it a functioning pitcher. Making the handle was the hardest part of my project. It took me multiple tries to successfully attach the handle to my pyramid.
Most of this project was done with leather hard clay. I cut out 4 triangles and slipped and scored them together to make the pyramid.
This is my pyramid before adding the base. The clay is leather hard and was slipped and scored together.
To form the top part of my pyramid I cut off the top of the triangle and made a hole for the spout. The clay is leather hard
The spout and handle were made leather hard before attaching to the pyramid. I slipped and scored the handle and the spout to the pyramid which was also leather hard clay.
My spout is the favorite part of my pyramid. It was easy to make and looks very cool.
I think my project was succesful. The pyramid can hold water and pour water so it does what it was made to do.
This is my pyramid glazed and ready to be fired. Although the glaze is red it will come out a blueish color.

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