MSD Varsity Football Seniors By Reece Gary and david Lopez

Seniors Mark Dorsett (7) and Michael Mclaughlin (75) stand in the Eagles' offensive huddle before a play. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Senior Night

On Thursday, Nov. 5, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School varsity football team celebrated their Senior Night as they triumphed against the Coral Glades High School Jaguars.

Senior night events took place during halftime, where fans were introduced to the seniors on the MSD varsity football team. The seniors walked out onto the field with their families as the announcers said their names. The players were cheered on by the Cumber Stadium crowd as well.

Senior year is special for students in high school because they are eligible to attend many traditional senior events such as prom and graduation. However, due to COVID-19 precautions, seniors will not be able to have a normal senior year experience. Under these precautions, many senior athletes did not get a regular Senior Night.

Despite COVID-19 limiting the full festivities of Senior Night, seniors on the MSD football team were given the opportunity to be recognized on the field.

Meet some of the MSD varsity football seniors

Michael Mclaughlin

Michael Mclaughlin wears #75 and is a left tackle for the Eagles. Mclaughlin is confident in the Eagles’ success this season and has high hopes that the team will finish with a good outcome.

“It’s been a long four years,” Mclaughlin said. “Senior year is a big deal. It’s nice to be recognized.”

DL Michael Mclaughlin (75) stands on the sideline to watch the Eagles play before he goes onto the field against Coral Glades. Mclaughlin would go on to make tackles to help push the Eagles to a win. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Chris Darius

Chris Darius (5) is a running back for the Eagles. Darius is competitive and his main focus is winning.

“[Senior Night] is a nice moment,” Darius said.

When asked about his game plan moving forward into his senior season, Darius said, “We need to win every game, simple.”

Darius is extremely motivated to perform at his best to bring the team to multiple victories this season.

RB Chris Darius (5) escapes a defender for a long run. Darius had a few runs for big gains, which helped push the Eagles to a victory. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Blake Ofstein

Blake Ofstein (33) plays linebacker for the Eagles. Ofstein is exceptionally happy about the outcome of the season so far. He believes that the Eagles’ offense and defense are “lights out” and playing well. Ofstein has played football for MSD for four years now.

“It’s surreal,” Ofstein said. “They always tell us that the four years go by fast, but it actually did go by really fast. I still remember myself at MSD as a freshman.”

LB Blake Ofstein (33) and DE Alex Brotton (84) line up for a defensive play. The Eagles' defense kept Coral Glades to just three points in a strong performance. Photo by Kelsie Yon

Derek Geffard

Derek Geffard (1) is a running back for the Eagles. Geffard is excited to be back out on the field with his team after a long year of practicing.

“We started off a little slow, but now we got it rolling,” Geffard said. “For the rest of the season, we’re going to beat everybody and win games.”

RB Derek Geffard (1) looks for his teammates and coaches to prepare for their next play of a scoring offensive drive. Geffard rushed for several yards during the drive. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

AJ Darring

AJ Darring wears #26 and is a running back for the Eagles. Darring started off his senior season with outstanding performances in his first two games, scoring touchdowns in both.

“From 9th to 11th grade, I didn’t get to play much,” Darring said. “But I got to play this year, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

RB AJ Darring (26) strides back to the sideline after an offensive drive against Coral Glades. Darring made several plays on that drive and in the game, including a touchdown. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Dimitri Robinson

Dimitri Robinson (78) is an offensive guard for the Eagles. Robinson is ecstatic for his senior season with the Eagles and has dreams of playing football in college.

“I got hyped,” Robinson said. “Playing in front of everybody and their parents, I’m going to destroy. For the rest of the season, I’m going to work harder.”

OG Dimitri Robinson catches his breath after an offensive play. Robinson and the rest of the Eagles' offensive line held strong in protecting the quarterback. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Nick Dobbs

Nick Dobbs (99) is a defensive lineman for the Eagles. Dobbs is an influential component on the Eagles’ roster as he has made several tackles to help push the team to a win in their first two games. Dobbs’ strength and skills are a key reason as to why the Eagles' defense has prevailed in the 2020-2021 season.

“This year’s offseason, I tried to work and focus on my pass rushing more, and repetition to try and get it done in the game,” Dobbs said.

DL Nick Dobbs (99) walks back to the sideline along with his defensive teammates after stopping the Coral Glades Jaguars. Dobbs and the Eagles' defensive line made several crucial plays to limit the Jaguars' scoring. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Matt O'Dowd

Matt O’Dowd (4) is the Eagles’ quarterback. O’Dowd started his senior season greatly. His on-field awareness and athleticism helped lead the team to victories in their first two games. O’Dowd has many completions and touchdowns so far, and he plans on increasing those statistics throughout his senior season.

QB Matt O'Dowd (4) forced to run by Coral Glades' defense. O'Dowd was able to escape the defenders for several completions and two touchdowns during the Eagles' win. Photo by Bryan Nguyen

The seniors on the MSD varsity football team not featured above:

Defensive back, #2, Jaydin Fernandez

Defensive back, #6, Matt Martin

Wide receiver, #7, Mark Dorsett

Wide receiver, #10, Sheldon Mccullum

Defensive back, #12, Giovanni Vilsaint

Linebacker, #17, Fenton Aristhomene

Linebacker, #44, Jahrel Wilson

Offensive lineman, #65, Luc Laforge

Offensive lineman, #66, Ryan Ementh

Offensive lineman, #71, Aris Skarecki

Offensive lineman, #72, Prince Aldeus

Offensive lineman, #74, Jack Levin

Defensive end, #76, Vitor Schmidt

Wide receiver, #82, Zach Randerson

Defensive lineman, #90, Josh Frias

Defensive end, #92, Arman Borghei

High Hopes

Although the year has been tough for the 2020-2021 seniors, those that are on the MSD football team get to experience their final high school football season before graduation.

Senior Night gives these seniors the recognition they deserve, and the MSD community has high hopes for their futures.