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This is how we treat students...

Enthusiastic | Fair | Firm | Consistent | Compassionate

At Waverly, we welcome our students each day with enthusiasm for learning, treating each of them fairly, firmly and with consistency (in accordance with or policies) all in a safe and compassionate environment.


This is how we treat parents...

Considerate | Interested | Optimistic | Reasonable | Sincere

At Waverly, we will be considerate with our parents' concerns for their child, and they will know we are sincerely interested, optimistic and reasonable in handling any issues that may arise.


This is how I conduct myself...

Motivated | Productive | Realistic | Knowledgeable | Professional

At Waverly, we start every day motivated to be productive for our students to help them achieve lofty but realistic goals. We will be knowledgeable about what we are doing, and always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.


This is how we work together...

Respect | Truthful | Appreciative | Loyal | Flourish

At Waverly, our culture is one of mutual respect and truthfulness between staff, faculty and administration. We appreciate each other's differences, are loyal to one another, and encourage each other to flourish professionally.


This is how we interact with the community...

Welcoming | Positive | Transparent | Pride | Grateful

At Waverly, we welcome the community with full transparency. We understand that all encounters with our community are opportunities to facilitate positive interaction, show our Waverly pride, and our gratefulness to serve this community.

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