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Adobe Stock's Motion Graphics templates enable video creators to add a polished, finishing touch to their projects. These pre-built titles, transitions, and more are created by contributors in After Effects, downloaded from Adobe Stock and modified by users in Premiere Pro. These templates offer inspiration to video creators of all levels and significantly reduce the time spent designing motion graphics elements from scratch.

Target Audience

Motion Graphic templates are useful for the entire video community. For novice users, templates provide high quality, ready-made content to help their creative endeavors shine. For seasoned creatives, Motion Graphics templates serve as an efficient tool that save time, provide inspiration, and expose new workflows. Templates showcase best practices, so users can effectively explore options and build upon their skills.

Contributor Advantages

Exposure: As an Adobe Stock Contributor, your work will be made available to millions of Creative Cloud customers, including large brands, enterprises, educators, and video creators.

Revenue: You will generate revenue from the sales of your templates, even as you continue to focus on your other clients and assignments.


Our contributors receive a competitive 40% commission each time an asset is sold. Adobe Stock is not exclusive, but please allow one month before selling templates on other content sites. Payment is via Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer (to select countries).

Templates on Adobe Stock

  • Titles - Full frame animations and sequences, text overlays, call outs, with intro and outro animations
  • Lower Thirds - Left, center, and right justified animations with one or multiple text inputs
  • Transitions - with options to change animation direction, or multiple animation styles
  • Backgrounds & Video Overlays¬†- animations to layer above and below video
  • Infographics - Animations that show data, like circle charts, bar charts, location, and more
  • Social Media - Animations for using on social media channels, such as video endcards

Submission Requirements

Please follow these guidelines to ensure acceptance of your files to the Adobe Stock marketplace. If you would like to see examples of how files are correctly set up for acceptance, check out these free Motion Graphics templates.


  • .aep - original project file, collected with all assets
  • .mogrt - motion graphic template file, 300Mb file size limit
  • Thumbnail.jpg - template thumbnail
  • .mp4 - video preview
  • .xlsx - metadata sheet

Templates go through a review and revisions process by the Adobe Stock team for standards and quality, and are evaluated on the overall performance on both lower-end and typical machines.

You will be sent in-depth specifications for creating Motion Design templates after sign up.

The Adobe Stock MoGRTS contributor program is by invitation only. Get in touch with us at motion@adobe.com with your reel for consideration.

Last Updated: 10/23/18

Images Used: Retrowave Mountainscape Title by Pressmaster; Creative Reality Title by Saida Saetgareeva

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