DTC #69: Boys Night Out! Rooftop cocktails, bar antics, and the wildest improv in town.





Sip on a cocktail with the best, and highest, bar sunset view in Santa Monica.

Suck down perfectly shaken concoctions along with elevated bar bites.

Join in on the most fierce improve show this side the 405.

Hotel Shangri-La was built in 1939 in the Streamline Moderne style of Art Deco. The now Onyx Rooftop Bar used to be the original hotels penthouse.
Stop 1

Sunset Cocktails in a penthouse suite

• 8pm to 9pm •

Tourists dangerously rattle their Birds through Santa Monica’s picturesque Ocean Ave traffic as you step out to the front entrance of Hotel Shangri-La. A gorgeous reminder of art deco days from long ago you open the front doors to see a welcoming elevator porter ask if you’re heading to the roof...

  • The Shangri-La Hotel was built in 1939. As it turns out the Onyx Rooftop Bar is actually the original penthouse of the hotel. Just imagine your Fred Astaire enjoying your evening cocktail.
  • Speaking of cocktails they all are $18 and range from nitrogen infused bubbling cauldrons to fruity concoctions. If you’re more cost conscientious they have a happy hour Monday-Friday from 4-6pm with $6 beers, $9 wines and cocktails.
  • It can get windy/cold on the roof so make sure your crew is prepared. If anything there is an outdoor “indoor” space which blocks the wind so theres really no need to stay inside.
Stop 2

Shake it Up with Bar Bites and Drinks

• 9pm to 11pm •

The newly darkened air surrounding Santa Monica’s downtown buzzes with excitement. Within the promenade melee are couples scurrying to their dinner reservations, tourist families looking for their post beach hotel rooms and single bros looking for their midnight kiss....

  • Continuing with the Art Deco theme this bar is housed on the first floor of the Clock Tower Building. Built in 1929 it is the tallest skyscraper in the city, strangely enough with only 12 floors.
  • The cocktails here are the main event, focus your attention on a Goodnight Emilee or the fan/bar favorite a Jumping Jack Flash.
  • They do not take reservations however they are on the Yelp Waitlist program. When you’re leaving stop one, head into the Yelp app to see if they have a wait. If they do put your name down and by the time you arrive your table should be ready.
  • Happy Hour, this one is legit and one of the “best in the city”. It’s $5 off cocktails (around $9 each), $7 beers, $7 wines, and $8 pours on booze.
Stop 3

Get Thunderbulged!

• 11:15pm til you've made it through the storm •

“Are we going the right way?” your friends unanimously agree that you couldn’t possibly be going to your next stop. The dark alleyway you’re walking down welcomes all sorts of nefarious beings lurking around every corner but most importantly it’s home of your next stop the Westside Comedy Theater....

  • The theater was bought by the original members of the touring group Mission Improvable on Fools Day 2009 and turned it into its current incarnation. Unlike other comedy venues they sport a no drink minimum rule, thanks guys.
  • On our date we caught the incredibly outrageous male review improve “Thunderbulge”. This is not the only show this theater sports, they have a live dating comedy show where they poke through peoples phones called Password Protected, a weekly standup night called Unnecessary Evil and their original show Mission Improvable.
  • A plethora of big names pop in from time to time to do a show like Dave Chappelle, Zack Galifianakis, and most recently Howie Mandell

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