FMP/week 6 during the 2 weeks off.

10th april

during the weeks off we have been given the task to work on everything ready for a demo. however we have a bit of an issue. my computer that i am currently typing on is not the best. the memory full all the time and the only apps i have on the computer is Photoshop and epics games unreal engine. now the issue is due to the memory being full of just files to run this p.c it makes the whole thing run slow. i cant even use Photoshop on the PC because it crashes constantly. it was basically the same for the unreal engine it would just crash constantly so what i'm gonna do is try and move some files around and also delete some unnecessary Photoshop files I've worked on in my spare time. to be honest just as i was typing this adobe spark had a fit and i almost lost everything.

the error that keeps coming up on unreal.

14th April

today i tried to fix everything and start finishing up mechanics and the like in the unreal engine however the same error code came up so now im stuck and have no clue what to do. for the 14th of April mark today should be all the days combined because all week i had tried to make it work and yet it has not. so im hoping harry will work on Photoshop and ill try and do some other things like research and other work that needs to be done. reflecting on this i should of got another PC because this one is dreadful and also i think i should of worked 2 x as fast because all of the functions ive added in are great and the games is coming together very nicely so i should of worked faster to make it better. also im glad i got most of it done at collage because if i hadn't me and harry would failed the course for sure.

what happens when i try and load photoshop.

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