"My Favorite Saint, Saint Quiteria" By Michelle DiBattista

Saint Quiteria was born on 119 AD in Braga, Portugal along with her eight other sisters. Her mother, who was a high society member and married to a high ranking Roman military official, gave birth to nontuplets. She was beheaded on May 25, 477 AD, in Aire-sur-l'Adour, France as a martyr for her faith.

When her mother birthed nontuplets, she was upset because she didn't want to be compared to an animal. Before the father found out she gave birth, she asked her servant to drown all nine children. When the servant took the children, she gave them to a Christian monk who raised all nine sisters together. When the sisters grew older, they began traveling and breaking roman idols and converting people to Christianity. It was said that when their father saw them, he immediately recognized them. He was forcing them to marry high ranking roman officers or he would imprison them. When they refused they were thrown in jail but quickly escaped. When the father found Quiteria again, he beheaded her on the spot. It was said later they threw her body in the ocean. Saint Quiteria then walked out of the ocean with her head in her hands and tamed two dogs with rabies that were on the sand.

Saint Quiteria is often pictured with two dogs near her and is the patron saint of rabies, beasts, and those thinking about giving-up. Her feast day is May 22nd.

Dear Saint Quiteria,

I ask for your intercession with being a strong individual. I ask for you to help me with being confident in everything I do and to stand up for what is right, even in the face of danger or judgement.


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