Our Ecosystem by:alex

1# You might ask how are living thing connected. If you are asking that question the is animals feed on other animals like a deer might feed on a plant or a cat might feed on a mouse other animals depend on each other to survive. Like I said a cat might feed on a mouse the cat is depending on the mouse to give it food to eat and the mouse depends on the cat too keep the population of mice down so the mice wont take over the world! (That was a little over exaggerated.) pg.326, 327

Another example of how are living things connected is a bee depends on a flower to give the bee food. The flower depends on the bee to take its pollen and give it to other flowers so the other flowers can grow and other bees will bee around to go to other flowers to give all the the other flowers so every flower should get about the same amount of pollen so all the flowers can grow. pg.322

About the question how might living be connected every animal depends on other animals in a lot of different ways just like my example up over the picture of the cat so that is the awenser to how living things are connected just like the cat.

2# Another question you might have is what could happen if a change accured in a food web. This question can be connected to my first question how are living thing connected be like I said all living thing depend on each other to live so if something goes wrong than the animals can not depend on each other to live because cats aren't the only animal that eats mice bird, snakes, hawks, owls, barn owls, and skunks so for a example for a problem for a ecosystem is maybe group of mice went some where else than its predators will not know where the mice went so there aren't as many mice so the predators will eat all the mice the mice will go extinct then its predators then the predators predators to be a little bit more specific the carnivores will die then herbivores and then the omnivores so the ecosystem will not be right which might be able to mess-up more ecosystems because the animals are looking somewhere else for food and other animals use that space so there are to many animals and it will mess-up the ecosystem. Those are possibilities and examples of what could happen to are ecosystem. pg.330

Another example is a carnivore feeds on herbivores and omnivores and a omnivore feeds on plants and bugs and meat and the herbivores eat the plants. So if something goes wrong than lets say the plants are all gone then the herbivores wont have any food to eat and the herbivores will die out than the carnivores and omnivores wont have any food so they'll become extinct and there wont be any more animals left on earth so people wont have any thing to eat so we'll go extinct to because we wont have any meat to eat. pg.328

Every animal depends on on each other to survive like the lion depends on the wildebeest to give it food the lion also eats other animals such as antelope, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos, hippos, wild hogs, crocodiles, giraffes, mice, birds, lizards, hares, and tortoises and a lot more. The lions depend on the wildebeest to give it food the wildebeest depend on the grass to give it food and if all the grass is gone the wildebeest will die then the lions and other animals to so that's a possibility of a bad thing that can happen to a ecosystem so everybody should protect our ecosystem. pg. 338, 339


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