Reflective Essay Donald Tucker

Lets wrap it all up!

Finishing this project over the course of the semester has been one of the biggest learning opportunities I have ever had. This project was tailor made for someone like me who has a hard time focusing and staying on task in the past. Each one of these learning objectives has helped me become a better student in a different way. From learning time management skills to picking up collaborative skills, this class has helped me in many areas I used to be deficient. Looking forward I know have all the tools I will ever need to live a meaningful and successful life.

Out of everything that we learned I had some favorites. Throughout the portfolio I gush and gush over how much I love the five day study technique. That is because it is literally the best study skill I have ever learned. Before using this technique I would cram and cram for tests I would ultimately freak out over and fail. I am now preparing myself for each test five days out!

The five day study plan goes hand in hand with the study cycle. The study cycle suggests short highly specific studying periods followed by a short break. This combined with the five day study technique has allowed me to eliminate all anxiety from the test taking process. I suffer from anxiety and this project has helped me work around it and still be successful.

Was there anything about this project I did not like? No. I honestly enjoyed learning every single one of these techniques and skills. I was a student looking for an identity and this class gave me one. Even the techniques I think are inferior deserve to be studied. The techniques I like to use might be completely different from the techniques someone else might want to use. That is why getting the entire scope of this class is important.

I am going to walk away from this class with whatever grade I have earned. I understand that. But over the past month I have changed as a student and as a person because of it. The skills I picked up in this class are going to help me in all areas for the rest of my life. If I had not learned how to stick to a strict weekly schedule I do not think I would be back at Clemson in the spring. I am not sure my parents would ever send me to college again. This class has shown me why it feels good to work hard again and that is something I will never be able to pay forward.


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