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The joy of cooking is that you can make whatever you want, whenever you want, for whomever you want. You can make the food spicy, savory, sweet, or sultry. You can boil it, steam it, broil it, bake it or it. You can serve it raw, medium rare, on ice or on fire. There are so many choices of food, endless tastes and flavors that can be mixed together to satisfy those who will eat anything to those with a refined palette. And the best thing about cooking is that right after you have food to eat!

Blog #1

For my 1st blog , I wanted to start off by making a dish of Chicken And Shrimp Fettuccine . This is a very simple and very delicious recipe to make when it is prepared correctly , which is why I wanted to take my time and actually prepare it the best way possible . Though it sounds like a really difficult dish to prepare , it actually is really easy if you have the right ingredients and cook it the right way , which is what I did . The side of garlic knots compliments this very dish very well and I am definitely happy I incorporated this into the dish . I had very fun preparing this dish and I hope you have just as much fun viewing how I prepared it . Thank you and If you are interested in more of the food I've prepared , feel free to continue to the next blog which is definitely one of the best tasting recipes I've prepared .


Blog #2

For this blog , I am incorporating a dish of stuffed salmon ( With Crab Meat ) with broccoli and rice . Though it does not have much quantity , it has a lot of quality which is very fun but also somewhat difficult for someone with my level of cooking experience . This dish does not take long to cook , but preparing it is time consuming, but it is all worth it In the end .I got the inspiration from and thought it would be a great dish to challenge myself . Most of the dishes I am going to put on my blog are probably gonna be inspired by either one of my family members or . This dish is definitely a dish that looks better in person and definitely tastes way better than it looks .This was a dish that definitely was fun to prepare and also fun to eat which is why I enjoyed this so much

Blog #3

For this blog , I am going to make a recipe of pork chops , mashed potatoes , corn on the cob , and a well prepared salad . This recipe has both quality and quantity which is rare when cooking and which is why I wanted to test it out and try to prepare it . This was a very fun dish and I had more fun eating it .This was very interesting and fun to make , even more fun to eat . My mom isn't helping me at all of doing this because she continues to tell me that she is not gonna do it for me , which has helped me a lot and which has made this a very fun and positive experience. I had a fun experience and I hope you will have a great experience when viewing this .

Blog #4

For this blog , I'm going to make a dish of steak ( with potatoes ) with a side of Brussels Sprouts and bacon . This is probably one of my favorite dishes because it was very difficult to prepare and take pictures and also was difficult to be patient with the steak ( which took 3 hours to cook ) . It came out the best way possible which is why I was so proud of the dish . This was a very tasty dish and this was definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with preparing food . The main reason is because , as I've said before , that I really didn't know too much about Brussels sprouts but as of now , I really like lthem . The bacon complimented it very well and it was a very fun recipe to prepare so I hope you are too , by viewing my blog so thank you .

Blog #5

For my 5th blog , I wanted to change it up and make a dessert . This is also one of the ones I am proud of due to the fact that the end result came out very smooth and even looks like it could be store bought . This dish was very easy for me to make due to the fact that each week I think I got better with cooking and the only obstacle that I had was taking pictures of me preparing the dishes . This cake was very good and my mom appreciated it more than me which meant a lot . This cake came out way better than what it was going to be and probably one of the best things I've cooked visually. I had a great time preparing this cake and I hope you have a great time viewing the rest of my blog , Thank you .

Blog #6

For my 6th blog , I wanted a make a very easy dish that can be made at any time of the day , of shrimp and grits . I got my inspiration from and I wanted to do it to see how far my experience in cooking has expanded , if it did at all .This was probably one of the easiest recipe I've made for my project . For the most part , it was just out of the ordinary , due to the fact that I've never eaten shrimp and grits before but it was better than what I expected. Though it only has about two to three components, they were very tasty which made my experience a lot better . I had fun making this recipe and I hope you have the same fun viewing my blog , Thamk You

Blog #7

For my seventh blog , my dish consisted of high quantity so it tested my patience and ability . Making these took very long and the only thing I had to do was wait for it to cook , which was a task itself . This recipe took a very long amount of time to cook which is what I needed , due to the fact that I have never experienced cooking food like this before . Overall , it probably took about 3-4 for me to prepare everything, which was very difficult for me but as I look back , it was definitely worth it . I didn't think that I could pull this task off but all and all , it was one the best decisions I've made which has helped me further my experience with cooking . It was of great quantity, not quantity, which is in contrast to my recipes before. I had fun preparing it and I hope you have just as much viewing it , thank you .

Blog #8

For my 8th blog , I really wanted to test myself and baking a turkey was the best thing for me . Many people probably would believe me if I said I made a turkey but it was very easy for me . The only thing I had to do was basically just season it and throw it in the oven .I think by making this turkey it helped me a lot and I was and am very happy with the finished product. Even though it was kind of difficult, I tried my hardest to be successful and that's what happened . I had a very fun time making this turkey and even more prouder that I actually did it myself . I am proud that I've made this recipe and I hope you are even happier to see it . Thank you for looking and checking out my blog .

Blog #9

For my 9th blog , I wanted to do something for breakfast to show my diversity with the meals I prepared . This was another dish that was really hard to take pictures and prepare food at the same . This sand which was very tasteful and simple to make and was better than what I expected . I wanted to make breakfast because for the most part all I've done so far are dinner meals and I wanted to wider my range of food so I personally could me accomplished with myself . It was kind of hard to take pictures with this project ( mainly because of the eggs) but it was fun I had a very fun time preparing this little sand which and I hope you have just as much fun viewing the rest of my blog . .

Blog #10

For my last blog I wanted it to be very simple and easy so that I could enjoy it and have a good time . I made mashed potatoes ( by scratch ) with sweet potatoes ( made by scratch ) and fish . I've enjoyed this whole process and this project was very fun for me . Though it was challenging at times , I tried my hardest to stay on pace and continue to do good and have a great presentation. This last recipe was very simple for me , in contrast to others and it was a great way to end it and I enjoyed every minute of it .This project meant and still means a lot to me and I am grateful and proud of the project I chose and am happy I completed it .

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