Dettol TVC Treatment by Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for this campaign that certainly attracts and intrigues any director. I think we are about to make a very entertaining and unusual film for Dettol that encourages the mothers specifically for a very important cause.

Overall Approach

The well being of a child's is a mothers' main goal in life and here's where Dettol comes as a savior. I am aiming to show our product as the life savior who guards the children and relaxes the family in their everyday life situations like the sleeping part, the traveling part and most importantly the entertainment part of the family's life.

Our film will go smoothly in a one shot sequence keeping the continuity and flow of the eight good mothers sequences and ending with the zip pan on the two bad mothers sequence.


Copy 1

The copies seem very simple, yet the hero here is the technique of the zip pan and the choreography of the cast that will make it interesting for the viewer.

We start by seeing the 8 main mothers standing in front of a white background and then zip pan to the bedroom sequence.

We then continue off by a long tracking shot, seeing the first bedroom with a mother bringing her child to sleep and closing the lights. We zip pan to see the next door but faster this time putting her child to sleep and then the third one faster etc. till we finish the 8 bedrooms who use Dettol.

In my opinion I think we should be placing our product in those 8 locations at start in very subtle way. We the pan to see the lights go on in two bedrooms with the child crying and the mother looking completely tired and worried. And finally we zip pan to the end shot of the moms standing again like each copy.

Copy 2

We start by seeing a family coming out packed with bags and vacation tools and on their way out of their house. We pan to see the same thing all over again but in a sense of continuity to the story; meaning first family the parents will only come out, the second family the kids will come out of the door, the third they will be getting their bags and tools etc. Each sequence will follow up on the one before.

We zip pan to see the door instead of closing it's opening this time to see two mothers with their kids at home in the bathroom and the child is sick.

Copy 3

Here we start off with a birthday of a little boy in a repeated sequence just like the two previous copies, each time the family bends down we see the next family and something is added to give the sense of continuity and not make each of the 8 shots the same.

We then zip pan to see the two kids with their parents at the doctor's clinic and the mother in tears.

Copy 4

In this copy I think we can either make it a club sequence where the boy is standing with a football under his feat or another idea would be also having the child play on an instrument as if he's in a practice lesson and rehearsing for a show with the notes in front of him this could be also visually appealing. We pan to see each time a child practicing on an instrument or standing with the football next to his mom while playing.

We finally zip pan to see two moms in a doctor's waiting room worried and waiting for their turn.

Locations & Art Direction

The cast of the 8 mothers is the most important thing as the opening and ending shot is the main and first selling shot for us. That's why I think we should let them pose as if they were heroes standing there proudly with their achievement of using Dettol. Another thing will be the choreography of the movement that each of them will do especially in copy 1 in the bedroom 8 sequences tracking shot.

Camera Movement & Technique

The zip pan movement here is the main hero of this ad! It will bring us from the opening shot to the main 8 sequences and the 2 'bad mom' sequences and then takes us back to the end shot where the eight moms are standing proud. This is what gives the repetition of the eight sequences of the mothers a sense of continuity and entertainment.

Our main style is the swipe transition that goes from one set to the next appearing as if it is all shot in one shot. However, there will be no other camera movement as we will only take fixed frames to add to our humor and cheerfulness of the mothers using Dettol and create a sense of differentiation when it comes to those who don't use Dettol.

The editing pace will be fast paced since the duration of the copies are very short and also to add to our overall mood and not make the copies look boring.

References for Zip Pan
Color & Lighting

The look I want to achieve in this copy is bright and colorful with the visible sense of green for Dettol. The lighting will be very stylized and bright in the eight 'good' mum sequences,while dull and pail in the other two moms sequences.

Thank you
Created By
Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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