homeless veterans land of the free and HOME OF the HOMeless

Statistics show that 19.6% of homeless individuals where enlisted in the United states military.

38.6% served in combat

46.1% reported having disabilities

because because friends nation born free from the fire and flames, from the Hero who sacrifice more than they were asked of, some stripped of limbs, friends, and their sanity. Only to come home broken with no place to sleep, eat. only to beg for money for the next meal because the country that they proudly served neglects them. How can we let it go unnoticed.

Strong and proud left to suffer alone at the hands of his own country

with-ought unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately threw these memes we see a resemblance of our society today An veterans this is reality and this is how our unfortunately are left on the streets with-ought help


Created with images by Alachua County - "homeless veteran stand down"

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