Florida Museum of Natural History By: sophia MIrkin

Traditional Man's Outfit from the Andes


I must confess that I did not expect the museum to be as beautiful and enlightening as it was. Every exhibit captured my attention because of the color, organization and meaning they displayed. Out of all the exhibits in the Florida Museum of Natural History, the most appealing to me was the one with Andean traditional outfits. My mother is from Peru so I was able to witness my cultural roots from my university. When I traveled to Cusco Peru, the native people were wearing the traditional outfits that were on display. The outfits, seen above, have a variation of color, design and style. My favorite piece was the “chullu” which is a knitted hat that kept the Andean men warm. Chullus are commonly used today not only by the natives, but by the tourists traveling to Cusco as symbolism and appreciation for the Peruvian culture. The exhibit made my experience more enjoyable because it made me proud that my heritage was being represented. I think it is important for Andean culture to be shown to the public because their beliefs about the land are very valuable. The Peruvian natives appreciate the land, water and everything the Earth has to offer. They do not take nature for granted and that is something us Americans need to learn from. As a whole, I enjoyed the museum because it gave me the opportunity to interact with nature and learn about nature, allowing me to feel connected to the Earth.

The Butterfly Rainforest


After visiting the museum, I realized that I took the Earth for granted. I am so busy with school work and other distractions in my life that I do not stop and look at the beautiful natural world I am in. Coming to think of it, I cannot remember the last time I have seen the stars at night because I do not take a few seconds to look up. I’ve realized that my actions portray Leopold’s idea of human’s acting as “conquers of land” rather than members of the “biotic community”. After entering the butterfly garden, my perspective of nature changed and I began to respect, admire and love the land. Instead of being a conquer, I stepped back and became a visitor to the butterflies. I protected them by trying not to harm their fragile bodies when they got close. Oddly, I felt happier outside than I did inside the museum doors. I experienced an overwhelming amount of love and unity. The butterfly garden suddenly became a sacred place and looking around, I believe other people felt the same way. Everyone was happy and taking photographs of the lovely exhibit. My experience in the Butterfly exhibition has given me an ethical responsibility to protect and care more about the Earth rather than harm it with my careless actions. It has taught me to act more like a visitor than a conquer outside the museum doors.

Home Sweet Home


I believe most of us do not take the time in our hectic lives to appreciate the majesty nature has to offer. Earth is under represented because we are so distracted with the technology that dominates us today. The Florida Museum of Natural History has helped me step out of my ordinary life by showing me all the beauty the world has to offer. In just two hours, I recognized that I am just one person on Earth and that there have been many others before me. I have an ethical responsibility to protect it not just for myself, but for my ancestors and for future generations. The unknowns of evolution adds on to the mystery and majesty of Earth. I believe the last exhibit I saw, “Home Sweet Home”, was the best way to end my day at the museum because it made me realize how much energy human’s waste every day. It taught me to be more aware of my actions and to make an effort to learn how to improve so I can make the world a better place to live in. After all, it is my home.

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