Journey Log 7 triciajordan16-Warrior-persistance&engagement

Peer Editing

Peer editing really helped me realize what it was that I needed to change about my own writing. It helped me to engage in other students' work and pick apart what it was that worked and what didn't. After reading the comments on my own piece, as well as writing comments on others, I saw the flaws in my work. I think that's partly from writing the first draft fairly quickly and also partly because I hate my topic. I am completely uninterested in how the Headless Horseman impacted society and why it is a concept still discussed today. I could not care less about finding more research to engage deeper in to this topic. But the peer editing helped me see the paper more clearly. Whenever I read through the half draft I couldn't really see what was wrong with it because my judgement was so clouded with disliking the topic. Engaging in peer review and reading the comments has helped me to see the flaws better and know how to tackle the editing process.

Writing the Rest of my Paper

Dislike for my topic is also the reason I have yet to write the second half or make the edits. At first I was overwhelmed with all the comments made on my first half, but I have learned that they are actually helpful. I keep telling myself that if I just get through this chem test tonight I will have the time needed to focus on the rest of the paper, but I really don't want to. I don't want to engage with this topic anymore. I guess I still have to work on my persistence and power through to spring break. That's probably the one thing I am struggling with the most right now, and hopefully by the next time I write one of these Journey Logs I will have overcome that.

The definition of persistence is "firm continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition" as taken from Webster's Dictionary. My "opposition" right now would be my own attitude. That is definitely the thing standing in the way of me finishing this assignment. So in order to overcome this and say that I learned persistence through this class I have to write the second half, engage with the comments and edit my first half, and probably do it without complaining the whole way about the project. Then I can say that I overcame my failure. To accomplish this I made some goals for myself. The first one is to take regular class time tomorrow to begin editing the first half of my paper. From there I will determine a set path in which to write the rest of the paper, do any necessary extra research, and begin to finish this paper.


Another area I really need to work on my persistence in is Minecraft. I just need to accept that it is happening and that I have to do it and get over it. Even though it still makes absolutely no sense to me why we would do the entire writing process with Minecraft without actually writing anything, obviously it has been done before so it must work somehow. I could probably work on my engagement in this area too. Instead of just doing the assignments to get them done as quick as possible, I could take the time to try to understand why they are being assigned. This would help the assignments I dread doing seem more helpful or relevant to my future, especially considering I am struggling to see how Minecraft is in any way applicable to my life. And I'm usually pretty good at finding those connections, or making them up.

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