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1920s leisure time women

The 1920’s was a time where women became rebellious. Women didn’t dress as appropriate as they used to they broke the social norm all the time. Life in the 1920s was a time for women to get jobs and go out and party. life for women were great for women in the 1920s

1930s leisure time for women

As you can see life for women in the 1930s changed drastically. After the great depression hit women did not have time to have fun or have any leisure time. They had to take care of their children and take care of there tents because most moderately wealthy families lost all there money.

Home life in the 1920s

Home Life in the 1920s was quite nice. Family’s would listen to the radio after having nice dinner talks and parents would read books/magazines to their children. Many families in the 1920s had a good life at home because the economy was booming.

Home life in the 1930s

As you can see above Homelife in the 1930s has taken a drastic change from what the 1920s home life was like. The gigantic change occurred from the economy crashing at the end of the 1920s. Not everybody was affected from the economy crashing from what you can see above the picture in the middle right, that is someones life in the 1930s. How is that possible? well it is possible because the richest of the richest really weren’t affected from the depression so it really didn’t matter to them, but that is not saying that the moderately wealthy weren’t affected because they most definitely were. Most of the pictures you see above is actually most of those moderately wealthy people. The reason why they aren’t living well is because they lost all their money because the stock market crashed.

Economy in the 1920s

The 1920s was a new generation it was great. The youth was rebellious, People were using a new thing called buying time. (it’s basically a credit card) Credit was brand new and no one knew how it really wouldn’t end. The 1920 leading up to about 1928 life was prosperous but little did they know that they were building on fake prosperity.

Economy in the 1930s

The economy was destroyed in the 1930s . The Economy was destroyed in the 1930s because of the stock market and the end of the 1920s. The 1920s and 1930s was like a babies first time walking. The beginning of the 1920s was the baby crawling by 1922 it is like the baby is starting to walk, by 1924 the baby is walking but he really dose not really know what he is doing but he’s progressing, by 1925 he thinks he knows that he is doing, but then by 1927 he starts trying to progress even more by running but then falls so hard he can’t get up. That basically sums up how the Economy was Ruined. The Economy was also horrible because of the Stock Market. In the 1920s everybody bought in to stocks and they bought it with credit, Credit was knew and they really didn’t know that everyone was buying with credit and that ended up causing a lot of problems because every body was buying stuff with fake money and they actually didn’t have the real money when it was time to pay back the stuff they bought. Every body thought they were progressing but they really weren’t, It was fake prosperity anything fake will never last and their prosperity didn’t last because it wasn’t real and because of this fake prosperity the 1930s was a time of an economic depression and that ended up making people selling every thing they had so they can pay back the debt. It was hard for people to get food so people would wait in lines for soup. The Economy in the 1930s was disaster.
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