Digestive system By hunter

Esophagus. This is a stretchy pipe obout 10 inches long. It moves food from then back of your throat to your stomach.

Liver. It's at the top part of your digestive system. The liver cleans your blood that has just been enriched with vitamins and merals during digesting.

Stomach. Top right of your digestive system. The stomach is a big pouch with two holes which food goes in and out. The stomach secretescacid and enzymes that digest food. The stomach muscles contract periodically, churning food to enhance digestion.

Small intestine. Right Obove the large intestine. A lot of food is released and taking into the body. If you want to care for your small intestine you should keep fit and eat healthy.

Large intestine. The large intestine is at the bottom part of your digestive system. After nutrients are obsorbed in your small intestine the leftover liquid goes to large intestine.Undigested food enters your large intestine from your small intestine. It then reabsorbs water that is used in digestion and eliminates undigested food and fiber. If you want to care for your large intestine eat less red meat and eat more

Galblader. The gallbladder is under your liver on the left side of your digestive system. The galblader is a small pouch that stores vide. If you want to take care of your gallbladder drink lots of water.

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