Industrial development is a blessing Devin money 7H

How it got started. Sam slater was a guy who imagrated to amarica with factory plans that started industrial development. He came from England and help amaricans out a lot.

The reason we are talking about this is because there were a lot of good things and bad things and in my opinion there were more good things. It created a lot of job opportunities, transportation was improved and America became the leading contrey in producing cotton.

Jobs opening up was big for the imaginats

One of the reasons this was good is It gave a lot of great job opportunitys and immigration was going on. So the immigrates needed jobs and yes (it was bad working conditions) but it still payed. They help boost the economy and they should be proud. We got a lot of trade systems going and we made ,the USA, a lot of money.if this did not get started. Imagine all of those family's of immigrants that would not have been able to support there family's.

Look at all that was made, boosted the economy for a fact.

Transportation was important and it was big.

Another great thing that happened because of industrial development, transportation was improved. People started building cars and that helped a lot because people could travel much faster. They built cars and train parts and they did it pretty fast to. people were happy to be able to travel faster. It was a great thing. This also helped to boost the economy. Cars and then America starts making money of of gas. Ps. School stanks.

One of or the first cars ever to be invented

Cotton was so huge and so great for us

America became the leading Connery that produced cotton and we made a lot of money off that. This is because that cotton machine was created, we got cotton 100 x faster. It was so simple to, to put it together and then it separated the cotton from the seeds. Cotton farms were spreading to and that is on of the reasons we got so much cotton and America was the leading people in trade with cotton. All of this thanks to the guy who made that machine

Old cotton farm

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