Semester 2 || Project 1 anthony phan


We are learning the "Curve move" in this project. First we are going to have to finish the tutorial, then we are going to have to go through an obstacle making certain turns

Program in the beginning of the project

Finally touches with the Program

Photos of the robot

video of robot


  • Messed around with the first block command to see where it would go.
  • Added a second block command
  • Estimate on how far the bot should turn.
  • I changed my mind, and I'm going to combine those two block commands together.
  • The original turn degrees was 10 i'm changing it to 5 for the first command block
  • The first block of originally rotations, but i switched it to degrees.
  • For my second block, i'm starting with the opposite commands as my first block. So steer left -6.6, with 2000 degrees.
  • The bot turn too quickly, so i made the 2500 degrees.
  • It is still not turning in the right place, so i made it -7.
  • Added a third block to move straight in between block 1 and 2
  • Added a fourth block to move straight
  • Added fifth block to have a left turn for 1.1 seconds
  • Added Sixth block to move straight; left wheel power is .2 more power
  • Last block was to make another left turn into the finish line

What I learn

i learned a lot more about the degree command block, and how to use it. I also learned a new style of build for the robot.

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