What Happened? Over fishing is occurring all over the world. Over fishing is where fish become scarce because they're literally over fished. Coastal communities consumed 102 tons of seafood, these cultures of people rely on fish, but their resources are getting wiped out. Big industrial fisheries are chasing the fish, they're moving closer and closer to the shore and the indigenous people who live on the coasts have less access to their fishing ground. Over fishing is occurring because there are two to three times more fishing ships than have license to so do. Illegal fishermen are taking all of the fish. Another cause of over fishing is "Often, fishermen simply try to catch as many fish as possible as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits" ("Over fishing." Environmental Encyclopedia, edited by Deirdre S. Blanchfield, Gale, 2011. Science in Context, link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/CV2644151007/SCIC?u=over80203&xid=cdd616d4. Accessed 12 Apr. 2017). Many of the fish are getting fished out of the water. Also the human population is growing and there is more of a demand for fish, but so many fish are caught that there aren't a lot left to reproduce to make more fish. CAUSES OF OVER FISHING: Industrial fisheries are catching all of the fish, More illegal fishing is happening, fisherman try to catch all they can at can once to make money, and the human pop. is growing which makes a higher demand in fish and they're not having time to reproduce.
When and where did it happen? Many jobs have been lost for fishing every year because of declining catches and competition from bigger boats. It happens in oceans and lakes, and there isn't just one time that this has happened. Many people on many different days fish too much. If you think about it, a very common dinner to eat is fish. That means we kill more and more fish to make this happen. What will we do when the fish aren't there anymore? "Oceans Under Siege and Ways to Mitigate the Threats."( sirs.com, sks.sirs.com/ webapp/article?artno=0000385824&type=ART.)
How did it happen? It happened very easily. "Most illegal fishing involves legally registered ships catching more than they are allowed, or fishing out of season or in areas for which they have no license, some companies opt for fishing completely illegally, changing names and flags and owners - usually shell companies - as fast as the authorities fine them. The so-called Bandit 6, illegally and lucratively catching tooth fish off Antarctica despite being blacklisted everywhere, made headlines last year when they were chased away by a pair of Sea Shepherd ships."(New Public Website Offers Detailed View of Industrial Fishing." SIRS Decadessirs, sks.sirs.com/webapp/article?artno=0000387320&type=ART.) What has happened is people just fish whenever and wherever they want to. This has resulted in illegal fishing and over fishing.
Species that were impacted by over fishing? Blue fin tuna, Sharks and Bull Fish that are found in the Pacific Ocean, are all victims of over fishing. Legal ships are fishing for them, but they are fishing more than they are allowed. "This further reduces already depleted stocks and robs these states of much-needed revenue," says Bubba Cook, the Western Central Pacific tuna program manager for the World Wide Fund for Nature." (Pala, Christopher. &quot;New Public Website Offers Detailed View of Industrial Fishing.&quot;<i> Inter Press Service</i>, 15 Sep, 2016, pp. n/a<i>, SIRS Issues Researcher</i>, <a href="https://sks.sirs.com" target="_blank">https://sks.sirs.com</a>.) A group called The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) did a study and discovered that 5 out of the 8 tuna species are close to extinction. So much that their population regrowth is next to impossible.
How do we solve this problem of over fishing? People today are still facing this problem. But activists for this cause "unveiled a website that allows anyone with an internet connection to see for free exactly where and when most of the worlds industrial fishing boats actually fish." (Pala, Christopher. "New Public Website Offers Detailed View of Industrial Fishing." Inter Press Service, 15 Sep, 2016, pp. n/a, SIRS Issues Researcher, https://sks.sirs.com). This can help stop illegal fishing because we can now see where all of the fishing boats are, and because of that, they can see who is legally fishing and also be stopped from fishing more than they should be. This is also a good way to avoid future problems of over fishing. If there are a lot of fishermen already fishing and with the illegal fishermen on top of that, the fish population will plummet and drop greatly. Over fishing could stopped if the fishers had water police and the coast guard looking over them so that illegal fishers would stay away. Overall more legal over-sight would help solve the problem. The UN created a Sustainable Development Agenda that focuses on conserving and sustaining saline resources, it requires regulated harvesting, terminating over fishing, and ending harmful practices of fishing. By the UN doing all of this they are helping over fishing be put to a stop. SUMMARY: we solve overfishing by, this new online website, coast guards and water police watching over ships, The UN fishing laws that they created, more legal over-sight.
How can we avoid this situation? Avoiding a situation like this is pretty easy. You cant exactly fix it, but you don't have to do it and you can spread the word for others not to do it too. You can also "buy fish that were raised in fish farms, fish raised on fish farms are cheaper, and they aren't fish from the ocean."(How can I help?" weebly.com, stopoverfishing.weebly.com/how-can-i-help.html.) Or even better, you can look into starting your own fish farm! Unlike many of the other topics, this one wasn't just a one time thing. Over fishing is still a major problem today and the only way we can avoid it is by not fishing as much and getting others to know the damage it does to our ecosystem.


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