Good Life Tour of the Harn by Mohamad okab

Introduction Page- The Harn Museum was actually the first art museum I had ever entered. It was real eye opening experience as this was the first time I had seen art from many diverse cultures.

Medium of the Art. This is Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audry Flack (made in 1981 out of polychrome and gilded plaster). The reason I choose this for Medium of the Art is because I love to see the great sculptures that reside in Greece and Rome. The material of the state make it look like it is made of bronze and marble. When I see these piece, I am reminded of the Greek goddess Aphrodite as I see a beautiful woman. I also a very powerful woman. In a way, this piece inspires great respect and adoration.
Design of the Museum This is the wing of the of the museum after the Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters statue. The way the museum is structured, it divides itself into sections by continent. I couldn't find one culture present in this wing, but it was my favorite. That was because the way it was designed, you could everything was in the open. All the pieces complimented each other in one way or another. The lighting system was enough to lit the room but did not overwhelm it. This made the pieces very clear and easy to see. The way it is designed makes someone at piece, and the way one should feel at a art museum.
Art and Core Values This is Meant to be Shared: Selections from the Ross Collection of European Prints. The reason for the photo is because I selected power and influence as one of my core values. The way these two men are designed they are obviously are quote powerful. While one could not see it from this picture, in the whole piece, they are standing the middle of a center surrounded by a tiny (in comparison) audience. The piece gives me a sense of awe. If I put myself into the picture, I image a massive center surrounded by two massive sculptures. I imagine them to have been great hunters or warriors. In helps me visualize my two core values of power and influence.
Art and the Good Life This is Sheep Wranglers by Justine Kurland. This photo reminds me of the good life because it reminds of home back in the Middle East. Where I lived, there were these plains full of the sheep, and whenever the situation is currently peaceful, I like to lay down beneath a tree and watch the sheep move around and eat. The good life in this picture are several young girls in the shadows talking. This is a scene I say all the time, especially as all of the girls are in uniform- a common cite back home. The way the grass moves gives a tranquil feeling, and I can imagine myself under the tree seeing those sheep.
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