The Steam Engine By Belle Elegante

Claim: The most significant social and economic change in the 1800's was the Steam Engine. It was a social change because it allowed people to transport places faster and influenced people to go west. (also affected westward expansion). It was an economic change because it allowed the transportation of goods/products to be transported faster and cheaper.

This invention was most significant because it affected both economically and socially, and affected the industrial revolution and the westward expansion. It is also most significant because we still use more modified versions of it today. Ex: Railroad, boats, led to transportation today. (cars, airplanes, etc)

Historical Context: During the time the US was on the verge of becoming an independent nation and new inventions were being invented. For example, the telegraph, the camera, etc. All of these knew ideas influenced the invention of the steam engine.

How and what the steam engine affected: The steam engine affected the people by creating faster and cheaper transpiration. It also opened more job opportunities, etc. This influenced more people to go west. Since a lot more people were going west, this affected the westward expansion. The Steam Engine also affected the country by allowing the transpiration of products and goods, faster and cheaper. A lot more people could get their products faster so they bought more and more products. It affected the North more because thats where the first railroad was built so more people from the North were going everywhere and using the steam engine more.

Quotes: "The railroad rapidly spread and sped transportation. This created new jobs, forcing people to move into cities"

"steam engine was incorporated into trains and ships, people were able to get around faster than ever and transport material at a faster rate"

"The first steam engine locomotive pulled 10 tons of one and 70 people at 5mph. Soon better locomotives followed"

"Steam meant that factories could be built anywhere, not just along fast-flowing rivers."

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