New England Colonies gabriel c.

We got the money!

New England was founded to leave the Church of England, for Religious Freedom, came for a job, rugged geography, or they were kicked from M.A. As you could imagine back then it was very hard to even live!


New England's Geography had rocky soil so it was very hard to farm. It was also very hilly with lots of rocks and a short growing season.
There were vast forests so there was a lot of hunting. The vast forests is a good habitat for animals so there would be a lot of animals.
There was clean water so there would be a lot of sea animals such as fish, whales, and maybe even sharks. There were harsh winters and Pleasant summers.


There are some port cities in the New England Colonies so some of the Economy is ship building, trading ships, fishing, and Whaling.
There were lots of farms so there were a lot of animals. They also grew many crops and they also made $ cutting trees down.
There were lots of trees so people built things like houses and other wooden things to make $.

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