Behind the Door of D4 Christina, Emma, Kno'ah, Joel, Brittany, anh

Joke of the Week

Did you hear about the cross-eyed teacher? She couldn't control her pupils. (Emma A.)

What's a cats favorite car? A catalack. (kno'ah )

Why don't you get dressed when a Pok'emon is in the room? Cause he will Pikachu. (Brittany)

What do sneakers do best? Sneak around. (Joel)

What did the soda say to the soda ? I have a crush on you !(Christina)

How does the Easter Bunny stay fit? Eggxercise and Hare robics. (Anh and Emma)


Today is National Puppy Day!!!!!! 3/23/17

We are reading about service and guide dogs in the story, The Right dog for the Job. The main character's name was Ira. Her owner is Sandy and she has a dog named Laddy. Laddy became best friends with Ira. She is from an agency called Paws-Ability. We researched it and it is a real agency for service and guide dogs.


We are learning about Geometry in class some vocabulary words we need to know are; point, line, line segment, ray, and angle. We will be learning about different triangles, the different degrees of angles and how to read and use a protractor.

DIY Flashlight

First get a Pringle chip can, then get a sharpie marker, then make a shape on the cap and put a flash light inside the Pringle Can and turn it on and put the cap on, turn the lights off and enjoy the flashlight.


At Career Day we saw some really cool vehicles and heard about some great jobs that we might want to do when we get older. We also got to participate in a Kid Zumba exercise class.

Mrs. Parnell's Corner

Report Cards are going home today! Please sign the envelope and return it to school on Monday.

Just a reminder, our Field Trip money is due by next Friday. It is 20 dollars per student. We are still checking on volunteers, I will keep you updated.

Also, please return the survey for next year. I know it's hard to believe but we start working on class lists soon and it really helps if we know if you are still going to attend or if you are moving.

Spring Celebration - we will be celebrating Easter on Thursday April 13th since there is no school on the 14th. There will be a small list of donations to help make our celebration enjoyable if you want to donate. :)

AzMerit Testing Schedule: Tuesday, April 4th= Writing, Thursday and Friday April 6-7=Science. April 17th and 18th= Reading and Math.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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