Rae's Photography Portfolio ASIA SUMAS

This is my dark, light and portrait photos, I took the dark photo when I was at my house the light photo was taken one morning when the light was shining through the computer lab window and my portrait photo when my cat was looking out my back door
This is my abstract photo, this photo is on the dance room door at ASIA
this is my macro and landscape photos, the chain one was in front of the school and the tree one was on the side of the school
This is my H2O photo, I took it when I was getting a glass of water
This is my dream photo, and it is a branch in my front yard when the branch was frozen with ice
This is my double exposure photo, I used a young girl and a nature photo
This is my choice photos, I took the flag one on a windy after school and the other one is my cat when she was sleeping on the couch

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