The Divine A production held by the school of theatre + dance at the University of Florida

SPATIAL EXPERIENCE: When entering, I had an idea of what to expect because I had been to a handful of theaters before visiting the Constans Theatre at UF. The experience at Constans however was quite comfortable. It wasn't unbelievably massive and or dramatically tiny, it held a decent amount of people and made the experience even more enjoyable. My location in the auditorium was central and on what I would describe as an upper level to the stage. Being central gave me a perfect location to have eyes on everyone and everything in the room. In this play in particular, the stage wasn't the only place actors were performing on, there were some parts where the actors came through the side doors to get a closer interaction with the audience. When the lights first started dimming that obviously meant that the show was about to begin, in all honestly when the lights dimmed I got a bit excited because I had heard great things about the play before I went. I have always been a fan of theatre and had faith that the production would be a good one. The idea of "place" plays a large role in the Good Life because it is what sets the mood and the overall aura for the time. Usually when in a good or what can be described at positive space, it had a direct impact on overall feeling and being.

Outside of the theatre.
Picture in the lobby of the theatre.
Lobby of the Constans Theatre. We waited here before directed inside to the auditorium.

The Social Experience: I attended this Good Life performance with one of my best friend's from my hometown, Ashley Nunez, who is also in this discussion class! I also attended it with two new friends from Tampa, Anai Williams and Garrett Brown. Garrett was attending the production for his Theater Appreciation course. Before the performance I got ready with my friend Anai because we live in the same residence building. We both were unsure on how to dress because we understood that it had to be somewhat semi-formal given that we were visiting the theater. My outfit in particular was a lace black top with black pants and boots, it was also pretty chilly out when I went to the performance so I wore a black leather jacket over my lace top. Also to prepare I went on Canvas and made note of what I have to do for the assignment when I get to the theater. Getting to share this experience with these three people made it all more fun! We were able to discuss our thoughts after and the whole process of going to the actual show was just very pleasant. Shared experiences in the Good Life are important because it will help you connect and learn to relate to people. Communicating shared experiences makes for a better understanding in the whole and

Me crashing my friend Anai's selfie.
Garrett and I
My favourite Bolivian-El Salvadorian and I with a picture in the lobby!

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issue addressed in this play were fate and truth and how they shape theme and value. These two ideals can influence a lot and this is truly seen within the production. Some parts focused on were the Catholic Church and their oppressive and abusive treatment of congregation members during the late 1800's and early 1900's. The Catholic Church has been and honestly probably will always be put on a high pedestal. Although the church preaches good values, high status leaders have given it a bad name over the years. Corruption and Child abuse are the two main incidents that occur frequently within this church and were also touched upon in this play. Poverty was quite prevalent during this era, so people looked to the church for help during the hard times. The play also focused on tough working conditions and the ill enforcement of labor laws. In terms of prior knowledge, I know a decent amount about the negative things regarding the Catholic Church, I recently saw a film called "Spotlight" that was all about the child molestation problem happening in churches. After watching that movie I knew that this problem must have been going on for years and years. With the child labor laws and terrible working conditions of the early 1900's, my knowledge was based solely on what I learned in history classes about the issues and how it picked up when industry was becoming popular with the building of many new factories all over. Given that my prior knowledge on the issues addressed in the play were quite strong, my views after the play were confirmed and assured. This play focused heavily on personal and moral ethics, both of which play a large part in my own life, the characters were constantly put in situations where they had to figure out for themselves what would be the right or wrong decision. At the talk back, the student that played the main character Talbot said that this play's theme was shaped by circumstance and that it was a basic quest for truth, inner truth. This matter heavily correlates to my own life because my life and life in general is a search for truth, validity and purpose.

The Emotional Experience: The Divine provided an opportunity for "katharsis" or coming clean by bringing out the hidden sins of the Catholic Church and businesses when labor laws were not followed. What's interesting about this play is that all the characters in it are so clueless as to what goes on behind the scenes in the churches or in the working world, so this production was about the growing awareness of issues that were becoming more common in that era. With this production Michel Marc Bouchard truly captured the "truth" that the characters seem to be longing for.

More photos outside the lobby.
Ashley and I in the theatre. This photo is totally legal because the stage isn't in it, just seats. Clutch.
Me awkwardly standing in front of the theatre.
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