The Crucible by zachary lenzi

The Crucible has many themes that are relatable to real life. Some of these are fear making judgments, people only caring about what you did, and lying to get what you want. The one that will be focused on in this project is people only caring about what you did and not looking at what you can do.

The Crucible is very relate able to how the election went for 2016. The candidates in the election were not known and people didn't care what their past was. Now, since they were going for a spot that everyone will have to listen too, every little detail about their life was let to the world. Every single thing that they said was exposed and in some way offended someone.

An example of peoples lives being exposed is John Proctor. Before the witch trails started he was just known as a farmer, but after the trials started, he was accused of not going to church, having his youngest child not baptized, and practicing witchcraft. Everyone started to come out of the woodwork and claimed that he has done stuff which had logical reason for.

The same type of situation happened to Donald Trump when he was accused of sexually assaulting women. Once one person said that he did this to her, there were many other claims like this to follow the same suit. This is also like how in the crucible, when Abigail says that a spirit is coming towards her, all of the other girls claim the same to try to convince people.

IN Act 2 of the Crucible, Reverend Hale came to the Proctor house and asked questions of their life. One of his questions was to both John and Elizabeth, it was "Do you know your Commandments..." and referring to Johns children, "How comes it that only two are baptized?" After this, he had them recite the Commandments, which John knew them all except adultery. This is one of the reasons that was brought up in court. John also had good reason not to have his last child baptized, he didn't trust John Parris and saw no light of god in him.

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