the "ROT" is Rotten Why the head of Liberty's dining services should change the Reber-Thomas Dining hall to a single meal dining service?

Buffet style's may seem glamorous....

....but this style creates more waste. waste creates pollution and adversely affects the environment.

Studies show that people conserve out of a need to save money. In the new dining hall students will only be given one helping an hour, and additional helping will cost them more money. This makes it so that they will loose money for being wasteful. Therefore, Students will want to be lest wasteful with their food because they can save money by conserving.

Due to this proposition decreasing the wastefulness of students. Liberty will have extra money that can be used for scholarships or to lower the price of the meal plan.

learning how to save money now, by conserving the food they eat, will make students more responsible and more able to tackle future adversity.

Thereby making them better citizens, and more capable of making a change in their community.


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