Capital punishment By ethan smallwood

Would the death penalty make our society safer

I think death penalty would make society safer because let's say someone is a serial killer if you kill him you have removed the threat but if you send him to prison ,you still have a threat of him killing someone

The against side of the death penalty

Is that it costs far more to execute someone than to keep them in prison for life because of e cost for a trial then the death.

The for Side of death penalty

You can put someone in prison but what's saying they won't kill someone in prison. Also they might not change

History uk

In Britain the death penalty for murder was abolished for an experimental period of 5 years in 1965. In 1998 it was abolished for treason and piracy with violence.

Death penalty in Norway

Capital punishment was abolished in 1979

Why did the uk get rid of the death penalty

In October 1998, the government introduced an amendment to the Human Rights Bill that abolished the death penalty as a possible punishment for military offences under the Armed Forces Acts.

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