Benjamin Benneker Aaliyah greenman

Benjamin Benneker was born November 9th, 1731. He was a very successful astronomer, mathematician, and author, writing many almanacs based on his scientific and mathematic knowledge. Studying math his whole life, he began to teach himself about space (mostly stars) and science. He charted and tracked star cycles and their patterns. The stars were studied so much that Benjamin was able to accurately create a clock(in 1752) following these star patterns. The clock was able to accurately track the time for decades. Years later after the clocks creation, in 1789, he predicted a solar eclipse. Stunning the world with his knowledge and creations he even had the honor of working with Thomas Jefferson, who was a fan of his work. Many people besides Jefferson, like my peers, say he has impacted their lives for the better even though it was hundreds of years ago. With such a simple machine our modern lives revolve around the concept of time in which he created. That and his many almanacs of mathematical, scientific, and medical knowledge have also improved our understanding of those subjects. His intellect has left him a legacy of knowledge and creation, improving our modern lives with a simple machine and a galaxy of information.

(On left) One of Benjamin's almanacs. (On bottom right) The clock made by Benjamin

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