waterloo community TREND SETTERS

Trendsetters. people who start new things. Waterloo is exactly this because the community is making a glowing stone path. The Waterloo community was the first ones in Canada to create a glowing path. People weren’t walking through the park but now Waterloo Park is a park that people want to go to. Not only was Waterloo the first to build a glowing stone path the Region of Waterloo was also one of the first to build a Light Rail Transit train through the city (LRT). This will help in many ways like clearing up traffic, making the city money and help get people to where they want to go. These trends are helping the Waterloo community progress.

The Waterloo community not only invents a ton of new stuff like the LRT, but it also has a ton of old inventions like the first school house and the abraham erb grist mill, so the community has future and history.

first school house

This is a picture of the first school house, it was built in 1820 and we still haven't forgot about it.

Abraham erb grist mill

This is a picture of the Abraham erb grist mill, this mill was built even earlier then the school house this mill was built in 1816.

First Waterloo has some background knowledge about tech, because Waterloo region has two Entrepreneurship companies named velocity and communitech. Velocity and communitech are a huge part of the community, velocity provides 37,000 square feet of free workspace and a peer community for up to 120 software, hardware, and science startups,also their is only one velocity in all of Canada.
Are community also is so accepting to do a 678-million dollar plan to let in 25,000 refugees in Canada, 1200 have settled in Waterloo so our community is very accepting.
Education in Waterloo has been evolving. Education gives the university students a higher rate of success. The University of Waterloo is the second best university in Canada. U of W specializes in co-op programs that helps people get jobs, and Waterloo with a population of 575,000 are starting new trends with new work and jobs.

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