Florida Museum of Natural History: Common Activity Patricia mccleary

Nature on Display: One of my favorite exhibits was the Florida Waterways and Wildlife display. This connected many different waterways in Florida, their diversity, and even how the native Americans that lived here used the waterways. The exhibit captured my attention thanks to the lifelike models of these different habitats and environments. All of these had an incredible likeness to the Florida climate around us and made me feel like I was outdoors. I learned about the climate and diversity of these natural environments through the models and information the museum provided. I most likely would not have understood the diversity of these places if I had not visited the museum. I found the experience at this museum to be so enjoyable because I loved the museum's emphasis on the biodiversity of Florida and their emphasis on preserving our environment so people can enjoy it for years to come.

Nature and Ethics: I believe that the Museum did provide me with a unique way to experience nature while not technically being in nature. I was given the ability to respectfully explore the environment of these butterflies while appreciating the natural beauty around me. I felt a sense of overwhelming calm and happiness when I entered the exhibit. It was amazing to see all of the beautiful butterflies and how they interact with one another and their environment. I fell in love with the beauty I was surrounded by and I continued to think about how amazing it was that we lived in a place where this biodiversity is always thriving. Other people seemed to appreciate the exhibit as much as I did and many of them were taking pictures to commemorate the experience. The Natural History Museum allowed people to connect with nature by making their exhibits so lifelike and accessible to the public. Their exhibits gave a look into a world many people would be unable to see if it were not for the museum and its dedication to educating the public. Overall, the experience did instill in me a sense of ethical responsibility as I looked around and realized that this environment is not something we should take for granted in our everyday lives.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The natural history museum lets all of us experience a world we are not familiar with by transforming our backyard into something new and amazing. Opening people up to these new experiences of the environment both educates and amazes them in a way that is unlike any other. It lets us leave the ordinary for some time and enter a place we have never been before. By placing us in the nature, it allows us to appreciate just how stunning and mysterious the world around us is. There is so much we do not yet understand about the very planet we live on and having these museums that let us see this world in a compact setting helps us to understand how we have to protect this world.

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