august 2018

Volume 3, Number 8

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

If it can happen in your mind, it can happen in your camera―Arno Rafael Minkkinen


Jeffry Booher

Well the year is half over and we have filled out the roster but, in all honesty, I hope we pickup a few more members. We need forty-six members to get enough money to cover our expenses for the year and so far this year we only have forty-five. We added to our receivables this year by holding a silent auction of the studio lighting kit and accessories that the club acquired years ago which brought us up to where we are solvent but I don't like downward trends when it comes to memberships.

I have been going over the historic roster counts with Joan over the past several weeks. In 2015 we had forty members―which was up from twenty members. In 2016 we brought that number up to fifty! FIFTY! 2016 was the pinnacle of years for us as a club because our headcount has been on a steady decline ever since―capping out at forty-six members last year. Last year we also saw the lowest participation in our Year End Competition in recent history.

So, the second half of the year begins. August is a free month―which is good because there are five Wednesdays this August. September we start all over by appointing the nominating committee. October we hold an election of new officers, travel to Joshua Tree, go on our Scott Kelby walk (more on this later), and have a competition on Eyes. Then, in November, Joan and I start ramping up for the Year End Competition. There are still plenty of good solid reasons to commit to joining midway through the year. The Darkroomers On Location:Joshua Tree outing that Janie and I are planning will be a lot of fun and we have a lot of great workshops still coming. Not to mention our Monthly Exhibitions...

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Photography is a solitary activity in a lot of ways but being around other photographers, going on trips together, and getting guidance from a mentor, is a great way to build confidence when you are ready to go out on your own. Not so long ago, San Diego was busting at the seams with amateur photography Meetup group events and now that has slowed to a trickle. Some of the Meetup groups have closed down while others have waned due to lack of leadership. I am proud that Darkroomers has had an active program calendar year over year―one of the most aggressive in the county. But it does take a group to help with planning and logistics and I am thankful for all the volunteers who help me with the planning and logistics. More importantly, I am grateful that we continue the tradition and commitment of promoting amateur photography in San Diego and we bring the camaraderie. We are not here for profit. We are here for each other... We do things together in the Darkroom!

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program news

dog days of summer

Thanks to all who showed up for the this dog-gone-it wonderfully fun event

There was a good showing of Darkroomers at our On Location event in July. We had to get wet and go deep to get the good shots, though, because Trader Joe himself brought a big bag of Pirate's Booty which he used to try and steal the shot. We are all glad to be back on dry sand, though, processing our masterpieces while our clothes dry.

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masked bandit

Larry Vogel

If you forgot to signup for our Darkroomers Weekend Workshop Series:Masking with Larry Vogel then you will just have to wait until next year because this year's workshop is full. Larry covers the usual stuff but it will be engineered to go over the new UI in Photoshop (Select and Mask Panel).

If you have never used the Channels panel before then get ready because Larry is the master of the Channels panel and will show you some of the coolest masking techniques west of the Mississippi.

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Metamorphis by Stephen Burns

We begin the month of August with the Darkroomers Lecture Series on Compositing by Stephen Burns at our August 1st Meeting. If you have yet to meet Stephen then you may want to leave your socks at home because they are just going to blow right through your shoes.

Stephen is coming to talk about compositing so leave your preconceived notions about photography (and everything else) at home and come watch as Stephen delights us with his mastery and skill to show us how to make beautiful art with Photoshop and our cameras.

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Nick Agelidis

August has five Wednesdays and you know what that means―a third meeting! This month we have the well read travelogue, photographer, local author, Nick Agelidis. Nick will be riding his bike in to the Darkroom talk about his recent trip to Mongolia. He will also be talking about publishing plus all things Lightroom. Nick stops by the Darkroom at our fifth Wednesday meeting in August (that's August 29th if you are playing the home game). Nick will also briefly discuss his approach to editing and presenting his images in books from his trips.

Nick will discuss how he plans for his travel photography

If you like to travel, and we think you do because we see a lot of travel photos on critique night, then you will want to sit in on Nick's presentation. Nick will walk though the technical details he plans for before he even leaves San Diego: from the gear he takes, understanding the places he visits and the time of day he wants to visit them, to researching the local culture.

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and we're walking...


This year Darkroomers is hosting the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk at night. We like to host the walk while using the Photographic Arts Building as Home Base since it is conveniently located, has all the amenities (like water and a bathroom) and it is a good way to show off the club and your work but it is always held on October 6 which is the same day as the annual Maker Faire.

Last year we worked with the Park to go behind the scenes of the Maker Faire and see the things that the public could not see plus photograph the Maker Faire at its fullest. It was chaos at best.

Two years ago we held the walk at night and had three local Light Saber groups sparing off over the 5 Freeway. Our Night Photography experts were on staff and Kim Tiffany brought her Pixel Stick. It was a lot of fun.

This year we are going a little later so the Park should be a little less full of Maker Faire folks but we still expect to see quite a few robots and interesting sculptures to light paint and photograph...

It is a few months away but I would like volunteers to help out. Last year's spectacular brought walkers from as far away as Orange County and Inland Empire so help be ambassadors to the Park and represent the club! Talk to Jeff about becoming an ambassador.

Years' Past Walks

We would like as many Darkroomers to come out and participate as possible. This will be a fun event and we need folks with night photography skills to come help the newbies.

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Interclub will be moving to an electronic submission process in the coming weeks so you will no longer be required to e-mail your photos. The process will be similar to how we upload images for the Year End Competition and will help streamline the entire process.

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Will Gibson

Our judge for August is Will Gibson. Will started his photographic journey in the darkroom doing silver gelatin printing back in 1969. He has taught photography at various colleges and universities around San Diego county and co-chairs the Best of Nature show at the Natural History Museum. His personal work over the years is wide ranging and includes his Optical Abstractions and The Survivor Series...

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