Ehrwald, Austria It's all uphill from here!

With only a handful of hours left to explore the Bavarian Capital before heading off to the Austrian Alps we left our luggage behind at the Hotel so as to be light footed and fancy free.

First up was a visit of Viktualienmarkt, Munich’s fresh produce market that also includes yet another beer garden!

Next, it was time to exercise our climbing legs with a climb to the top of St Peterskiche tower for a Birdseye view over central Munich, descending just before the midday Glockenspiel performance. We had been warned that this is a highly overrated attraction, but how could we resist and surely the fact that it attracted hundreds if not thousands of viewers must mean we are in to a good thing? Jenny might disagree, but that is 15min of my life I’ll never get back (and Mat from Mikes bike tours did warn us both!)

We then did a circuit down to Hofgarten before a short stroll back in the Englischen Garten gravitating back to watch the young locals river surfing!

With only a short stroll back to the Hotel it was time to pickup our backpacks and head for the train station for our trip to Ehrwald (w is pronounced as a v)

Arriving late afternoon in Ehrwald only gave us time for an afternoon drink and then out to dinner before starting the packing process of just the essentials for 4 days of hiking in the Alps.

Blogging might be a challenge??? Stay tuned!

Our Hotel Reading Room


View from the tower of St Peterskiche

Glockenspiel doing it’s magic at midday
City Surfing
Off to Ehrwald...


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Stephen Mathieson

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