Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Attila nagy

Though I found the other museum more interesting because of its artistic appeals, this museum reminded me of the importance of environmentalism. Getting educated about global warming and climate change is of huge importance today and we need to realize that in order for the future to enjoy what we currently do, we need to protect Earth. We need to get rid of our selfishness and help those who will live here long after we depart.

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibit was the most enjoyable one because of its atmosphere. You were surrounded by these beautiful creatures and you heard the water falling. I loved the air as well because I was reminded of the fact that we are not the only species here. I learned that conserving animals especially those that are endangered is essential, not just for ecological reasons but for moral reasons as well. What I found the most enjoyable was the appeals to the senses. As I was in the butterfly rainforest, I heard and smelled the earthy nature, not just saw it.
Nature and Ethics: As I stated, I sensed the urge to conserve this land, not just use it for our own pleasures. We are not the only ones here; we are a community of millions of species. I loved the way the butterfly exhibit felt, just as much as the Calusa exhibit. The dark tent was one of my favorites because it brought me to the Native American era. A lot of people found it very interesting, especially little ones. Overall, I loved the way these exhibits allowed me to connect with nature because it made me realize that I need to pay more attention to my environment.
Nature and the Human Spirit: Amid all the technological advances that propel us to be just like robots, filled with politics and social issues, it is essential to remind ourselves that we are mere animals in a world of wonders. I feel like this museum is a great example of such ideology because as we go through the butterfly exhibit, the frog exhibit, or said Calusa exhibit, we are shows the other side of the picture. Thus, we should change our thinking processes as we live day by day because then we can become more accepting of seemingly contentious things.

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