Sage Archetype Josh Ramirez 4th period

Sage is being wise through reflection and experience. In the novel , by Khaled Hosseini Kite Runner , the sage archetype is Rahim Khan. He developes from a fatherly figure to Amir , to a motivator , then to a moral teacher as he plays a role in Amir's life.

At the beginning of the novel Rahim Khan acted as a fatherly figure to Amir. For example , when Amir asked Baba to read one of his stories and Baba pays no attention to him Rahim lended a helping hand. "As always it was Rahim Khan who rescued me. He held out his hand and favored me a smile..."(page 31) This small act shows that Rahim cares about Amir and his hobbies as a good father should. Furthermore, after Rahim reads his story he writes him a letter of encouragement. " I enjoyed your story very much. God has granted you a special talent." (page 32) Rahim displays a fatherly characteristic by encouraging Amir to pursue his dream of becoming a writer despite what Baba thinks. When Amir's real father ignores him, Rahim is always there with a positive word for him.

Towards the middle of the novel we start to see Rahim motivate Amir to do things out of his comfort zone. When Rahim calls Amir from Afganistan and says, " there's a way to be good again."(page 192) This small phrase prompts Amir to return to Afganistan for redemption of his past. When he gets to Afganistan Rahim tells Amir he wants him to get Hassan's son in Kabul. At first Amir is stern in not going but after Rahim says, " I remember he" (Amir's father Baba) "said to me , Rahim a boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up for anything. I wonder if that's what you've become." (page 221) Rahim uses Amir's father's own words to show him that Baba would want Amir to go get Hassan's son. This motivates Amir to be brave and go to Kabul. Rahim motivates Amir to do things that change his life and be good again.

In the letter Rahim sends to Amir at the end of the novel , he teaches Amir morals that he didn't realize until then. One things he learns is his father , Baba was troubled like himself. "Your father was hard on you , he was also being hard on himself. Your father , like you , was a tortured soul."(page 301) Amir finally realizes why his father neglected him so much , and that they're very a like because they both have done wrong things in the past. Also another message in the letter is that Amir learns is that redemption is when guilt leads to good. "I believe is what true redemption is, Amir Jan , when guilt leads to good."(page302) This is about his father building an orphanage and giving money for his sins , but its also about Amir redeeming himself by rescuing Sohrab. Rahim teaches Amir why his father treated him the way he did , and that he has redeemed himself by saving Sohrab.

Rahim Khan, being the sage developed and affected Amir's life in many ways. Being a father figure , teaching him morals, but most important of all to the novel , motivating him to rescue Sohrab and get redemption for his past.


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