Victorian Philosophy and Intellectual Theories By JEremy Yarbrough

Research Questions:

What were some of the major changes in philosophy during the Victorian Era?

How did they impact the world?

Who/what impacted their creation?


  • Created by Charles Darwin in his book On the Origin of Species
  • Started the idea of evolution, adaptation, and survival of the fittest
  • Went against the traditional idea of divine creation
  • Started a battle between religion and science


  • Started as being inhumane
  • Replaced the giving of money to the poor and instead sent them to workhouses
  • John Stuart Mill makes Utilitarianism more humanitarian through his book Autobiography
  • Mills ideas help lead to the start of Socialism


  • Socialism begins as a result of the ideas of Mill and the ongoing industrial revolution
  • Replaces lassiez-fairez(free enterprise)
  • Socialism promotes the sharing of wealth among all
  • Karl Marx writes The Communist Manifesto in London, England
  • Marxism never is noticed until after his death and never gains much popularity in England


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