Literacy Life Map Of Taylor Christoff EDUC 5173 003

The Start Of My Journey......

I was born April 30th, 1994. I was born in Hamilton, Ontario. I was born into a english speaking family. I was told I loved to talk a lot when I was young, and repeated what the adults said. My first words were " Da"

The Next Stop .... Speech Therapy.

I was delayed in hearing the sounds of speech because of my adenoids. This resulted in me being in speech therapy to catch up on the sounds and proper way to say the actual words.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories with my grandma was my favourite time, to take turns to read aloud. Its one of my fond memories with my grandma, she would help me practice my reading. My favourites were King Midas, Cinderella, and the little mermaid. They were the start of me learning how to read.

The Start Of My Reading Passion

My grandma was a elementary school teacher, and involved with the reading recovery program. My grandma wanted me to read more once I got older. This involved my grandma talking to girls in 7th grade to find the new interest books. Which was Rapunzel, his side and hers. I was given this book in Grade 7 and it was the start of me falling inlove with reading. I had a hard time putting the book down.

My Favourite Book Series In My Teen Years

My first time reading a whole series, it was a long series. I was impressed with myself. I fell inlove with the characters and could not put the book done. It built my confidence in reading since it was the first time I read a book that had hundreds of pages. This opened the door to many more books to read, and a growing bookshelf.

High School Grade 10

In grade 10, I took the risk and switched from applied English to Academic English. It was a huge adjustment, from being the top student in the classroom, to going to a confused student in the classroom. However my grade 10 teacher took time and worked with me, from explaining the assignments, to checking in on my progress and thoughts on my assignments. My grade 10 teacher believed in me, which resulted in me trying my best and helped build my confidence. My grade 10 teacher has influenced my path towards achievement in english classes by pushing me and believing in me. I learned Hard work does pay off, and that its okay to ask for help.

Undergrad Years

University was a huge adjustment, I lived in a residence building and didn't know what to expect from my new school. I started with a English class, that I hated. I dreaded going to that class every Wednesday night. The expectations were different, I was doing the essay's wrong because its not the "proper way". I had to re built my confidence after receiving a bad grade and went to the writing centre, where I learned how to write essay's the university standard way. I learned in my undergrad to re build my confidence, and reminded myself I am here for a reason. That class made me realize high school english classes were different and this English class dimmed my love of english courses and that was the first and last English course I took in university

I did It!!!

Teachers College

Since I been a little girl, I have always wanted to be a teacher. Getting my acceptance into Western University has brought me closer to my end goal.

In my Language arts class I have learned the importance of reading and writing, and ways to incorporate it into the lesson in a engaging way. Language arts class has brought back my love of english classes. Made me excited to teach and do read alouds with my future classrooms. I found myself engaged in ways of bringing all the new ideas I have come across into my next placement. Language arts has opened my eyes to great read aloud books and activities to do after the read aloud, it started to impact where I look at chapters from my section to books, to the kids section of books to see the titles and any books that jump out to me.


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