#StandWithSurvivors social media campaign

Film synopsis: Audrie & Daisy follows the stories of two high school girls who are sexually assaulted and then subjected to ridicule and bullying over social media and in person. The young women in the film express how the bullying that followed was in some ways worse than the sexual assault. A week after the sexual assault, Audrie took her life because she felt her reputation was ruined. Daisy also tried to kill herself several times. The personal attacks on them and their family showed the lack of support in their community, propelled by the police and justice system that did not adequately punish the boys involved.

This social media campaign would focus on the intersection of both issues, centering around #StandWithSurvivors, highlighting the importance of believing and supporting sexual assault survivors.

Influences: Stomp Out Bullying and It's On Us campaigns, as well as The Hunting Ground film
Target audience: high school students

GOALS: 1) continue the dialogue of teenage sexual assault by starting a discussion among high school students during the month of April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month; 2) host 50-100 screenings and discussions around the country; 3) provide high schools with resources on consent and bystander intervention.

Facebook would be sort of the social media headquarters of the campaign, and would feature photos and quotes of screenings and discussions that high schools would have.
Instagram would mainly be used to showcase survivors sharing their story. We would start with Daisy, Paige, and the other survivors featured in the film, and then would open up to submissions from high school survivors who wanted to share their experience.
Twitter would be used to share statistics on sexual assault and bullying, as well as quotes from the film.
There would be a #StandWithSurvivors Snapchat filter, and students could send their photos with a caption of why they stand with survivors to the #StandWithSurvivors story (a collection of photos on the app that would be visible to everyone who follows the #StandWithSurvivors account).
Hopefully, this campaign would foster discussions on sexual assault and bullying in high schools, and change perceptions among teenagers on the issue. It would empower survivors, and give young women and men the resources they need in case they ever are sexually assaulted. It also would provide resources on consent and bystander intervention to share during Sex Ed class, which would hopefully help reinforce a culture where sexual assault is unacceptable. The social media accounts, especially Snapchat, would give high school students a voice on the issue. This campaign would aim to continue the conversation in high schools that It’s On Us has started on college campuses, while also addressing bullying as that is an issue that generally affects high school students more than college students.

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