Reasons Why Catholics Are Not Fully Practicing Their Faith

Catholics are not fully practicing their faith for various reasons. First of all, many individuals do not agree with beliefs of the Church. For instance, there is much controversy over issues including abortion and euthanasia. This is a major reason why individuals do not practice their Catholic faith. Also, many people may be offended by the Church and may come into contact with individuals in the Church who do not treat them correctly. Lastly, in this worldy society that we live in, it is very easy to stray away from our Catholic faith.

Main Events Involved in Jesus' Establishment of the Church

Apostles and Their Missionary Activities in the Early Church

The Role of the Old Church VS the New Church

Our Campaign: Spread His Love From Above

The purpose of "spread his love from above" is to bring those into the church by spreading Jesus' message.

We chose this logo for our campaign because it represents the message we want to convey. As shown, there is a cross which represents how Jesus died for us because of how much He loved and cared for us. We placed a heart with the word love in the center of the cross since Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross shows us His ultimate love. The least that we can do is give back that love to Jesus Christ and to spread it to everyone.

"Without His Love We Are Lost"

This catchphrase is effective since it conveys the importance of Jesus’ love in our lives. Therefore, through this campaign we see that accepting and spreading Jesus’ love is of the utmost importance. If we do not spread His love then we do not have a purpose in our lives because The Lord should be our number one priority. This catchphrase ensures that our participants have a strong drive to spread Jesus’ love.


We choose this hashtag because it relates to the name of our campaign. We want others to spread Jesus’ love like He asked to do and by using this hashtag you are not only sharing His love but you can use it to share photos, thoughts, and videos about our campaign.

Our Spokesperson: Mrs. Curtis

Mrs. Curtis would convey our message properly because she is very well-rounded and involved in our school. She works with Peer Ministry by going on retreats such as Antioch and Transfiguration. Also, she works with Link Crew to help incoming freshman and also is the moderator for the Harry Potter Club.

Our Social Media Pages

Instagram page: @spreadhislove

Snapchat: @spreadhislove

Twitter Page: @jesuschrist (Spread his lOve)

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