Our services help those without a marketing department or those who have a marketing department but need to outsource some work to manage priorities. Treat us like an extension of your company: your freelance marketing department.


Although these are our core offerings, we provide other services too. If you have a particular request and think we might be the right fit, contact YELLo.

Reach out and say "Hello" to YELLo. Check in to see if we’re currently accepting new clients. We try to dedicate our time to one customer every 6 weeks, depending on project scope.

www.yellomh.com | torrey@yellomh.com | 512.947.3871


Basic SERVICES: -1-Retainer (graphic design & ongoing projects), -2- Consulting, and -3- Training.
You will also find PACKAGES (pricing, timeframe, discounts, and more):

PACKAGES INCLUDE: (scroll down this brochure to see more details about each package). Custom packages are also available upon request. Prices subject to change based on scope of project.

  1. The Startup ($5k-$8k)
  2. Breakthrough Branding ($1,500)
  3. Website (starting at $4k)
  4. Madmen Sales Development ($6k)
  5. SEO Expert ($4,500)
  6. Speaker Proposal ($1,750)
  7. Photography ($400-$650)
  8. Videography – several options – Filmed $1,200. Template animated videos $400-600 (max 3-minute video). Template animated logo video $60.
  9. Events (determined after initial consultation)

If you only require a portion of one of these packages (ex. a speaker sheet from the "Speaker Proposal" package), please contact YELLo for a custom quote.

MANAGEMENT PACKAGES INCLUDE: (described in the last section of this brochure). Minimum retainer for management packages is 3 months and billed on the 1st of each month. Prices subject to change based on scope of project.

  1. Website ($100/month)
  2. On-Page SEO ($300/month + 1-time $150 setup fee)
  3. Custom Landing Page Development - copy + design + development (starting at $500/page + *domain fee + *web & domain hosting fee)
  4. Digital Advertising (starting at $350/month + ad spends + 1-time $150 setup fee)
  5. Blogs ($350-$500/month)
  6. Social Media ($400/month + 1-time setup fee starting at $50)
  7. Email Campaigns ($150-$750/month)

512-947-3871 | torrey@yellomh.com | www.yellomh.com




  1. BASIC $600 for 8 hours per month
  2. PRO $1,200 for 16 hours per month
  3. ENTERPRISE $1,800 for 24 hours per month

TIME: Minimum retainer – 3 months – billed at the start of each month

WHAT: These hours can go towards any service or package mentioned below. This package is perfect if you're not sure where to start but know you'll need marketing assistance to jump start a marketing strategy.

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Brochure
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Miscellaneous services

**Hours do not rollover month-to-month


PRICE: $75/hr or purchase a discounted consulting package at $500/month that includes 8 hrs/month (minimum 3-month retainer required for discount pricing).

Half off for Skype consulting ($35/hr)

TIME: Determined by the client

WHAT: Consulting options include, but are not limited to:

1. Strategy

  • Passive income options
  • Marketing plan
  • Lead generation
  • Digital marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Outreach marketing
  • On-page SEO

2. Research

  • Target audience presentation
  • Website audit


PRICE: $65 per hour for teams up to 3 people | $100 per hour for teams 4-10 | $250 per hour for teams 11 and up

TIME: 1-3 hours

WHAT: Available training…

  1. Branding
  2. Email campaign strategy
  3. Sales strategies
  4. Creative strategy & design
  5. Marketing 101
  6. WordPress website development
  7. Blogging & copywriting
  8. Adobe Creative Suite (Graphic Design) Basics
  9. Social media marketing
  10. Video Marketing
  11. Persona and target audience research

Available for speaking engagements. *Depending on audience, scope & availability, this service may be available at no cost to you.



PRICE: $5,000 – $8,000

TIME: 3-5 months

WHAT: Upon delivery – FREE 1-2hr training for staff on creative strategy & design and marketing 101

1. Google Analytics setup

2. Social Media Setup

3. Template website (WordPress or SquareSpace site), or blog

  • Up to 5 standard web pages
  • *Setup – you must have a domain and host purchased prior to work start date.
  • *1 video (up to 3 minutes)
  • *1 parallax slider (or slider of your choice)
  • *Yoast SEO plugin & setup
  • *Convert Plus Plugin (pop-ups) & setup
  • Up to 3 lead forms & designs
  • *GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin & setup
  • *Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions template copy & setup
  • Development

4. Startup Market Research Deck (includes up to 2 target audiences)

5. Six-month marketing strategy plan

6. Branding Guide & Mission Statement

7. *Website audit & fix strategy

8. Blog setup + Three blogs (350-750 words each)

9. *New/Improved content for website, with SEO (max 5 new pages)

10. *Social media strategy & content (1mo post strategy calendar, 1mo of content - includes 1 post of original collateral/week, +$30/channel setup)

11. *Web lead generation plan & development

12. *Email CRM & campaign setup, strategy, & development

13. *Press release

14. *3 Print collateral pieces

Breakthrough Branding

PRICE: $1,500

TIME: 1-2 months

WHAT: Upon delivery – FREE 1-2hr training for staff on branding

1. Complete an initial questionnaire or interview to dive deep into your branding goals & message

2. One-on-one strategy

3. Logo

4. Mission statement

5. Tagline

6. Target audience breakdown & research

  • Personas
  • Preferred media channels

7. Branding guide

  • Logo use
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Mood boards
  • Voice/Copy samples
  • Branded mockup examples
  • Template artwork (up to 3)

8. 4 collateral items (ex. Brochure, infographic, RFP, poster, flyer, doorhanger, etc.)

9. Social media headers and profile images


PRICE: Starting at $4,000 (retail value = $7,150)

TIME: Although a simple brochure website may only take 1 month, a larger or more complex web application or e-commerce website may take upwards of 6 months or more. It’s best to talk to one of our experts. We find that the more time allotted for research, brainstorming, and testing creates better results.

WHAT: Upon delivery – FREE 1-2hr training for staff on website management & updates

1. *Setup – you must have a domain and host purchased prior to work start date.

  • Assistance with URL, hosting, and platform purchasing & setup (optional)

2. *Wordpress (WP) or SquareSpace theme website

  • Website management CRM
  • Design
  • Many options for, but not limited to: image sliders, services & portfolio pages, features, and plugins
  • *Development
  • Responsive design: mobile-ready
  • *6-12-month support options

3. *Integration with compatible platform API’s (ex. MailChimp, Yoast SEO, ConvertPlus, etc.) through WP or SquareSpace plugins – up to 3 plugins

  • *GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin & setup
  • *Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions template copy & setup

4. Up to 10 pages (additional pages, $75/page)

5. SEO

  • Google Analytics setup assistance
  • New content/copy for up to 5 pages (additional pages, $150/page)
  • *Review of current copy/content (up to 10 pages)
  • *Basic/Standard Yoast SEO plugin & setup
  • *Blog setup
  • Two blogs (≥350 words per blog)
  • Social media presence on your website
  • Keyword research and placement
  • ALT attributes for images
  • Image size & compression management (up to 100 images)
  • Header tagging
  • Favicon
  • Meta tag description
  • Linking to industry resources & partners

6. Lead generation

  • Strategy for lead generation or email list building
  • *Lead form plugin (pop-ups) & setup – One lead form & design
  • One Contact form through template

7. *1 video (up to 3 minutes)

Add-on’s available:

  • Design (original designs – infographic, art, or gif)
  • Product or service photography
  • E-commerce web design, development extra
  • Contact YELLo for a custom quote: torrey@yellomh.com

MADMEN SALES Development

PRICE: $6,000 (retail value $6,860)

TIME: 2-3 months

WHAT: Upon delivery – FREE 1-2hr training for staff on sales funnel & conversions

1. Strategy

  • Passive income strategy
  • Internal training strategy
  • Lead generation & marketing strategy – List of outreach opportunities

2. Market research & SWOT Analysis

3. Elevator pitch

  • Email script
  • Phone script

4. PPT Template

5. PPT pitch or educational deck

6. One email campaign

7. One auto-email campaign

8. Two testimonial or interview videos (2-5 minutes/video)

9. *One webinar (or PPT deck) – strategy, setup, management, & PPT deck

10. Four collateral piece designs

11. *Two advertisements – design & content

12. *One press release

13. *Up to 2 digital ad campaigns – setup, design, content, development, & management (management for 1 month)

SEO Expert

PRICE: $4,500 (retail price $5,300)

TIME: 1-2 months depending on scope. SEO works best if managed, updated, and fresh content is maintained monthly. On average it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months for organic SEO to take effect. It also involves fresh content & upkeep.

WHAT: Upon delivery – FREE 1hr training for staff on blogging

1. Website audit

2. Website Google Analytics setup and management (1 month)

3. Strategy

  • *Content marketing & SEO plan
  • Link building
  • *Lead generation
  • *Social Media (1-month calendar & template)

4. *SEO plugin setup (Yoast SEO recommended)

5. Four Blogs (350-750 words/blog)

  • *Blog setup if you do not yet have one

6. Images

  • Image size & compression management (up to 100 images)
  • ALT attributes for images

7. Web Content

  • Favicon
  • Header tagging
  • Meta tag description
  • Keyword research & placement
  • Update hierarchy of keywords & content
  • *Website content review, editing, and updates (up to 10 pages)
  • Increasing readability scores on pages by updating page formatting, adding images, and adding bullets, headers, and sub-headers
  • New content/copy for up to 5 pages (additional pages, $150/page)
  • Social media presence on your website
  • Linking to industry resources & partners


PRICE: $1,750 (retail price $2,110)

TIME: 1-2 months

WHAT: Do you have an upcoming presentation? This package is ideal for your upcoming webinar, program development & outreach, conference, tradeshow, or company presentation. Would you like to become a speaker or presenter in your field of expertise? You need to have ready a speaker kit or proposal to submit to potential open requests for speakers. The “Speaker Series” combines design & content creation. Our process includes an interview with the intended speaker, which is then transcribed and developed into a PPT presentation tailored to you or your company's branding and voice.

  1. *Speaker sheet
  2. *Speaker details & data sheet
  3. Interview with the intended speaker for bio information
  4. Speaker topics, notes, bullets, and script template
  5. Gathering assets from speaker regarding reviews and previous gigs, books, assets, etc.
  6. PPT pitch strategy
  7. PPT template
  8. *PPT design, images, & content
  9. Two custom collateral piece designs (two 1-pagers or one brochure)
  10. 1 branded giveaway design
  11. Speaker landing page
  12. Optional: Speaker’s photo session for bio photo or branding photography if you do not already have one (additional $300-600)


PRICE: $400-650 (retail price = $470-$680)

TIME: Average is 1 month. Depends on project scope (max: 4hrs of shooting per day). Time to edit images will depend on the number of images, type of photography, desired look, weather conditions the day of the photoshoot, and timeline.

WHAT: Product, team, branding, and “services” photography. All photos are shot with an iPhoneX or DSLR camera.

  1. Photoshoot (4hrs) – product or service photography
  2. Eight hours of Editing – product or service photography
  3. Up to 5 animated images or 1 gif
  4. Delivery of images on USB
  5. No max on number of images!


PRICE: Filmed $1,200. (retail price = $1,860). Template animated videos $400-600 (max 3-minute video). Template animated logo video ($60). Also available through YELLo partners. Reach out to YELLo for a quote.

  • For a full, professional, advertisement or product launch video, please reach out for a quote. We have amazing partners with a portfolio ready for your review.

TIME: Average is 1 month. Depends on project scope (max: 4hrs of shooting per day). Time to edit will depend on desired look, number of reviews, and project scope.

WHAT: Interviews, product, b-roll, instructional, branding/company story videography. All videos are shot with an iPhoneX, GoPro, or DSLR camera.

  1. Max: 10-minute video
  2. 3-day shoot (4hrs of shooting/day)
  3. Forty hours of editing
  4. Delivery of images on USB


PRICE: Contact YELLo for a quote. All event management and planning done through Christina Caruso.

TIME: We need at least 3-months’ lead time to properly prepare for a small event. Preparation time for events depends on scope.

WHAT: Torrey partners with an amazing event planner who has served the wedding, corporate, and social events industry for over a decade. Do you need help with event planning, setup, design, and management? She's your gal: Christina Caruso!


Minimum retainer for management packages is 3 months and billed on the 1st of each month.


PRICE: $100 per month

TIME: We are available for website questions any time while your management package is active. Typical updates are done throughout the month and as they are released.

WHAT: Site maintenance, as needed (up to 2hrs)

  • Upkeep of links
  • Image updates (Alt text included)
  • Tracking and implementing updates to the website template
  • Current lead form template updates, where necessary
  1. Monthly plugin updates
  2. *Daily backups (varies depending on website host)
  3. *Staging site for updates available (limited to certain web hosts)
  4. Website feedback for potential new features and upgrades available


PRICE: $300 per month + 1-time $150 setup fee

TIME: On average it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months for organic SEO to take effect. It also involves fresh content & upkeep.

WHAT: Content, Alt Txt, headings, user experience and more. (up to 6 hrs, $50-75/additional hr)

  1. Monthly Google Analytics monitoring and interpretation
  2. Additional monthly website analytics and interpretations, where applicable (ex. Site load time, SEO feedback, etc.)
  3. Link research for cross linking possibilities
  4. New or updated copy (up to 3 hrs)
  5. Keyword updates, when applicable
  6. Blog updates, where necessary – Images, links, lead forms, and content
  7. Weekly sitemap submissions to Webmaster Tools (Google, Bing, etc. – depending on what accounts you currently have setup)
  8. Yoast SEO plugin maintenance and content upkeep - Yoast SEO upgrades and app purchase not included
  9. Social media account updates, RSS feeds, and link management, when applicable
  10. Optional – Original landing page creation with full content & design. If you do not yet have a URL or site development through SquareSpace available (additional $500-$700/landing page + domain fee + web & domain hosting fee)


PRICE: $350 or 20% of monthly ad spend (price does not include ad spends) + 1-time $150 setup fee

TIME: Research & setup takes about 3 days. **Ad campaigns using digital marketing like AdWords receive a 2% average click through rate (CTR).

WHAT: Available digital advertising through – AdWords, Yelp, Bing, or website ads

1. Digital ad management (up to 2 ads):

  • Updating images
  • Copy
  • Ad placement
  • Bid upkeep
  • Keyword analysis & feedback

2. Monthly click-through-rate (CTR) feedback

3. Monthly impressions (ad views) feedback

4. Keyword research, list, & updates

5. Original artwork (update frequency depends on campaign)

6. Original copywriting (update frequency depends on campaign)

7. Optional – Original landing page creation, content, design, and development through SquareSpace (additional $500-$700/landing page + domain fee + web & domain hosting fee)


PRICE: $350-$500 per month (depends on content – technical & medical research content is around $500 per month)

TIME: About 2-3 weeks


  1. Two new blogs/month
  2. Review & updates to old blogs
  3. Each blog is at least 350 words
  4. Research & interviews included
  5. Links to resources
  6. Keyword research & updates
  7. Readability formatting
  8. Visuals from upsplash.com & YELLo’s inventory
  9. Original content, copywriting, and graphic design


PRICE: $400 per month

Additional cost per channel (3 media channels included).

TIME: Weekly content


  1. Management for 3 social media channels, or social media ads (up to 3 campaigns/mo) - ad spends not included (budget determined by the client)
  2. Social media channel management available for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Google Business page, Instagram, YouTube, & Vimeo
  3. 3 hours of consulting and strategy co-collaboration for goals & strategy setup
  4. 1-month template, social media strategy
  5. 4 hours of research
  6. Weekly original content (including shared links and copy)
  7. Original graphic design (up to 3 posts per month)
  8. Optional: HootSuite (or other social media CRM posting system) platform setup


PRICE: $150-$750 Price is per campaign, and up to 3 emails

TIME: 1 week – 2 months (depending on campaign type)


  1. *Email CRM Setup
  2. Strategy & development
  3. Two email campaigns (up to 2 emails per campaign, or 1 email campaign with 4 emails)
  4. Monitoring & analytics

* Depending on your scope & needs, price may increase. In addition, some plugins require a year payment upfront in order to take advantage of discounts. This pricing does not include monthly or annual fees (hosting, plugins, URL, etc.).

*Additional payments may be required based on third-party affiliates, partners, management systems, accounts, and companies. More accurate figures can be attained when we receive the delivery of assets (your logins, host information, 3rd-party platforms, email CRM, creative & branding assets, addition 3-rd party accounts, etc.).


After working with Fortune 500 clients, Torrey McLeod started her own business to pass on her tricks, secrets, and proven marketing formulas to companies who may not have the million+ dollar marketing budget. With B.S. degrees in advertising and public relations, post- baccalaureate studies in biology, former EMT, experience as a 2nd-generation marketing professional, and over a decade of experience, she clearly has a passion for marketing and science. She built this startup for startups and medium-size businesses.

torrey@yellomh.com | 512.947.3871

Available for speaking engagements. *Depending on audience, scope & availability, this service may be available at no cost to you.

Podcast series and YouTube channel coming soon...

www.YELLoMH.com | torrey@yellomh.com | 512-947-3871

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