Ticket to Ride Madison, Noah, Tori, izzy

Ticket to Ride is a fun and easy game to play with friends and family.


3/5 Cards

The ticket and locomotive card design could have been better. The colors were dull and not the same as the 3D train parts used on the game board.

5/5 Board

The game board had a great lay out, was easy to follow, and was big enough to hold lots of family fun.

4/5 Concept

It was exciting getting the different cards and pieces that led to finally getting to the destination.


We liked how you have to strategize how you are going to get to your destinations and which route will provide with the most points (number of train cars.) It was simple to understand.


The game was very time consuming especially when counting up the points.


There are many different types of games: tabletop games, video games, party games, games you act out, games that take lots of strategy, card games, and many more!

Interesting facts

  1. Monopoly helped prisoners of war escape during WWII; inside the box of games members of British government would send tools to help the prisoners escape.
  2. Words with Friends once saved a man's life because his wife was messaging a doctor through the app telling her about the symptoms and turns out the man had a heart attack. It would have been fatal if it had not been immediately treated.


  • Senet was the first board game to ever be created. It was found in 3500 B.C. in Egypt.
  • Some of the first games to ever be played in Colonial America were bowling, checkers, and cards.
  • The first game to ever be created and published in the United States was called Traveller's Tour Through the United States.
  • Many of the first games created in the U.S. were based on Christian Morality.


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